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You Made This
Season 3, Episode 5
You Made This.jpg
Air date July 24th, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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You Made This is the 26th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. It is the fifth episode of Season 3, and aired on July 24th, 2020.


Eyeball reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin. Aria reveals that Fitz himself was the inventor of the 222 artificial worlds in which they are now trapped. Meanwhile, Man-woman, in the Outer Earth, is interrogated by the real version of Peanut Cop because she has the Box of Worlds in her possession created by Shyd Industries. Joe and Peanut kill their pineapple captors with exploding tropical drinks. Wilx, who is secretly in league with Clock, announces that he has acquired and secured the Core.


Minor Characters[]



  • This is the very first episode of the season where Clock's human form; Industry Man is nowhere to be seen, though Clock still appears.
  • As of this episode, Skillet and Buzby are still trapped in the cardboard city and Peanut and Joe are still starting up their jet-skis.
  • On the captions of Adult Swim's website, Buzby's name caption would say the "exterminator" instead of his name.
  • Skillet's nails can be heard clicking on the ground, on whatever the cardboard city's ground is made out of that Skillet and Buzby are walking on at night.
  • Buzby is seen doing up-tempo jazz music plays with his body moving.
  • The Human Cop's police car from "Invictus" returns when he drives it to the Man-Woman's House.
  • The Eye reveals he been "sail-eyeing", the "ocean-eye", (this explains the boat in the waters in the previous episode), for a "long-ti-eye-me-ver-eye long", he mentioned that he followed the waves.
    • Though, the boat in his shadow puppet looked different in the previous episode.
  • According to Wilx, he doesn't trust Eye, asks Aria how he was supposed to make it out and he thinks that forces are strong because of lawyers.
  • The Mysterious Laboratory has its own stage play.
  • Fitz and the Eye's very first interaction in "Hired" is seen briefly in a transition.
  • The Man-Woman has pictures in her dinning room of herself eating ice-cream, his red ball, she eating salad, giving a thumps up and the same woman with a brown horse.
  • The Human Cop come into Man-Woman's house because he wanted to look at a picture, and is also drunk to look at it.
  • When Man-Woman walks away from the dinning room, you can then hear sounds of metal scraping, machinery whirring, jackhammer rattling, guitar chords, vacuum whirs, hammer taps, and farting, which she was doing something that he wasn't doing in the dinning room. The cop mentions if she is a builder, which she has build many things that he knows nothing about, which she answers a roller coaster. If she built a roller coaster, it would the fastest roller coaster with lots of loops and called "Loop de Fast.
  • Down-tempo music plays when Eye is doing shadow puppets on a stage.
  • Similar to the Second Eye, the original Eye is revealed to grow arms.
  • The Eye reveals that he can make shadow puppets on a stage, Fitz does the same thing with his arm.
  • A female version of a Eye makes a cameo in this episode as a shadow puppet in the aforementioned play made by the Eye. This female Eye is most likely his girlfriend or wife.
  • In Eye's shadow puppet play, he was revealed to be pulled away from the female Eye by a Kane from an unknown force and sucked into a portal to the ocean and he sails on the same boat.
  • Man-Woman mentioned she built many things like a roller-coaster called "loop de fast".
  • Human Cop mentions that he went to many school, while asking how the "building without knowledge" of the Man-Woman.
  • The flower pot that the Man-Woman had grow after she left, soon as the Man-Woman talks to the Human Cop, this flower booms into one.
  • Telephone can be heard ringing in the house when the woman and cop are sitting on the table in the dining room.
  • According to the Man-Woman, she mentions that her neighbor is missing, who she thinks is a good neighbor, who worked for someone but is gone. When asking about the someone that the neighbor was working for and which one, she claims "the someone" and "the one he worked for." Her neighbor is never revealed nor mentioned again. Though when asked about the neighbor's whereabouts, Man-Woman claimed that her neighbor went over there, came into her house and put the Box of Worlds on the dining room table. Meanwhile, ominous music and electricity crackling can be both heard in the background as the Box holds a flower in a flower pot.
  • When the screen fates darker to black, the Human Cop disappears, the table is left intact with box of world seen, a dead flower in the flower pot and the Man-Woman screams.
  • One of the Pineapples has a British accent.
  • One of the Pineapples mentioned that the jet-skis that Peanut and Joe are starting up are not permitted to be started in the building.
  • The two Pineapples are shown getting drinks that are colored red and orange, the drinks have fruits like banana, a orange, a strawberry, two lemons, a berry and a small plant. These drinks have explosive wires inside of them and they explode onto them and kill them. They claims its their own "happy day" for them. This frees Joe and Peanut from them.
  • The various locations we see in the world boxes are Lotharganin, the futuristic city, which also houses Shyd Industries, the Industry Man's office, Mouse's Real Home, the Mountains, the Graveyard, the Desert, Roostre's Corn-Dog Farm, New Guy's Warehouse, Shark's Monitor Room, Spider's Cave and The Cardboard City.
    • Each locations are revealed to be in their own worlds.
    • Lotharganin is confirmed to be surrounded by all of these places.
    • All of the worlds are connected by one doorway with each one linked to a different environment.
    • Fitz asks Aria that their in this one and who's out there in other worlds, which she doesn't know (answering everyone) since they have been in the simulated worlds for "who's know how long."
    • She then claims that time is odd, which doesn't make any sense in these worlds.
    • When asked by Fitz how needs to know all of this, Aria claims he needs him to remember the way out of the simulation and to home.
    • Fitz asks why he knows about anything about these worlds because all of it and out there are was his idea.