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Woman Mouse, also known as Lady Mouse or Fitz's Wife, is a large pink mouse that is married to Fitz. They had an unnamed baby mouse together. It is unknown how long Fitz has been married to her, or what happened to her after she was shot with a dart by the Shadowy Figure, although she was shown as a hologram inside of Shark's simulation in the episode "Bowtime."

She is mentioned in the half-hour special titled "Invictus", where Fitz tells Buzby about his experiences before he was trapped in Shark's simulation world. He tells the exterminator that "he worked for Intel, investigating a rogue, foreign scientist." He explains more and says "but my wife told me to quit, but it was too late."


Woman Mouse is a pink crudely drawn mouse, looking like a female palette swap of Fitz. She has a pink body with crudely drawn breasts, a pink head with one circle eye, whiskers, red lips and a stick-finger tail. She has two pink ears, stick-finger arms and legs.


Alliances & Friendships[]

She has this with her husband Fitz and her daughter, due to Mouse getting married to her and having a baby together. Although on one occasion during Fitz's birthday, she didn't give him a peppermint bow-tie, as he was given a another object instead.


The only character that she is shown disliking onscreen is The Shadowy Figure as the figure appears in the doorway with Fitz's original birthday gift, which is a peppermint bow-tie and the figure shoots a dart at her after she tells him "leave us alone, you bastard."


Appearance List:


  • Fitz's wife is voiced by Liz Maiellaro who is the wife of the creator of 12 oz. Mouse; Matt Maiellaro.
  • Although she didn't appear in the episode "Meaty Dreamy", her voice can be heard from a battery inside of an amplifier inside of the Music Void, along with Fitz's voice in that episode.