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The Tiny Weapon-Guarded Building is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse. It first appears in the Season 2 finale "Prolegomenon". It is a building that holds the Q109 simulation, it located on planet earth in a forest in Georgia. Within the forest, on a tiny particle in the cap of a mushroom, it is shown that a four-story, weapon-guarded building is located in it. Shark, Rectangular Businessman, Green-Sweatered Woman (as a nurse), Peanut Cop and Eye (a man's eyes connected to a machine) appear as humans in the building, but in the simulation, they designs are regular. However, Mouse Fitzgerald and Skillet don't have human forms.


The building is highly detailed an upwards rectangle-shaped, a roof, three are eight windows, an entrance, a block, two cannons, and a few minor things on the building.


An entrance is completely white and can be seen, it has a square-shaped floor, there is a door. It has a thing next to the door with buttons that can be used to open the door, a pillar in the wall is seen. The next room presents a large simulation themed room that is fully detailed, full of machines, used for the simulation. There are brown machines connected to Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet and Eye. There is one part that has a shelve, full of bottles, and test tubes. Next to another shelve full of other supplies.



  • This location is the first Non-Q109 location we see in the series since it takes place inside a mushroom in a forest in Georgia, its possible that this holds every simulated world seen in the series.


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