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Tiny Weapon-Guarded Building is a mysterious location that first appears in "Prolegomenon." This building is revealed to hold the Q109 simulation, which is located on a tiny particle, in the cap of a mushroom that is from a forest in the state of Georgia. Shark, the Rectangular Businessman, a Nurse who appears to have the voice of the Green-Sweatered Woman, Human Cop, the human form of Peanut Cop, and the Eye, appear to have human forms on Earth, and in the building. Although Mouse Fitzgerald and Skillet are the only known characters who appear in the building's simulation that don't have any human forms. The human forms of Shark and the RBM were later killed by the human forms of Peanut Cop and the Nurse.



  • It could be possible that this simulation also holds every other simulated world seen in the series, considering that there are over 222 artificial worlds confirmed in Season 3.


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