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The Shadowy Figure is a dark, looming human-type being that is seen multiple times throughout the series. His voice is unintelligible to the audience, although many of the characters in the show can understand what he is saying. He impales people with darts, and he places them in a white room with a large fan. He is shown presumably abducting characters like Peanut Cop, after shooting them with tranquilizer darts. He is one of the main villains in the series, as he is seen working with the Rectangular Businessman.

In the third season episode "Reveal", it is revealed that the figure is a form of the Industry Man and his Clock form. This means Industry Man is both the forms of both Clock and the Shadowy Figure of the same being that controls Shyd Industries.


The Shadowy Figure has the same shape as the Human Citizens, though it's a shadowy figure except it is a colored fully black, some white can be seen on it.


Alliances & Friendships[]

This shadowy figure alliances remain unknown, though he does work for the Rectangular Businessmen, though he was trapped in jar by the businessman after being transformed into a liquid form in "Farewell". The figure that met Sirus to speak gibberish to him about the whereabouts about Mouse and the simulation. Professor Wilx is an another character seen in a alliance with the figure, when the Figure speaks gibberish a hologram of Wilx then said "understood".


This figure has a bunch of enemies, this started with Mouse, his wife and daughter, he shot darts at Mouse and his wife in two different flashbacks, his wife even called him a "bastard", and the figure scares Mouse's daughter making her squeak, he often tranquilizer shoots darts at Peanut Cop making him high and abducting him. Roostre mentions some experiences of being abducting by the same figure. The figure is against Liquor and his comedy show. Along with the Clock, he is shown to kill a human citizen in his brief cameo in the "Invictus" special.

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  • If you turn on captions while you are watching the series on Adult Swim's website, the Shadowy Figure's dialogue is classified as a "Warbling Voice", "Gibberish", or "Indistinct Computer Voice."
  • In "Corndog Chronicles", a dream suggests that the Shadowy Figure has a strange connection with Rectangular Businessman, and seems to show Rectangular Businessman transforming into a circle.
  • Its unknown how the Shadowy Figure got transformed back into his normal self after becoming a form of liquid.