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The Kid is a precocious monster-killing Kid character that shows up in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. He is shown to kill monsters and to be well-armed with guns and other futuristic weapons such as a eyeball gun for example. He allies with Roostre after the hillbilly escapes The World of Muck. He is shown to live in a tent in the Desert.


Alliances & Friendships[]

He befriends with Roostre in their first interaction with each other and the both of sleep in their tents until Roostre is teleported by Sirus. Later on, when everyone teleports via thunderstorm to the desert quantum, the Kid helps the rest of the protagonists to defeat the Industry Man with futuristic weapons, and he also has entered the portal to the confrontation with the latter.


He is shown to kill a creepy and realistic Desert Monster in this debut episode. Like all of the other protagonists, he is also shown to dislike the Industry Man. Buzby also mentions that he doesn't trust kids such as him.


Appearance List:


  • This is one of the few children like characters to appear as a character in the show, with the only other being the children riding on bikes in "Invictus", but they are technically minor characters.