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The Key To Imagination is a yellow weird looking key that only appears in the episodes "Enjoy The Arm" and "Eighteen".

The Key first appears in "Enjoy The Arm", where it drops from the ground.

In "Eighteen", Mouse Fitzgerald hold the same key and asks Liquor "and what about this key?", Liquor tells him "um, keep that, we'll need it tomorrow", Mouse asks "what does it open?", Liquor tells Mouse "uh, it's the key to Imagination."

After this, the key is never seen again, and this key remains currently unexplained.



  • While this key's mystery remains unknown, its possible that this key was found by Mouse while on the 750 Floor of the skyscraper they were inhabiting in.
  • Its unknown how what door this key can unlock due its appearance and size.
  • This key has sight resemblance to the Animal Chain, before the chain appeared in two episodes later.