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The Tempus Putkhe Clock Shop is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse.


As its name implies, the Clock Shop is obviously a shop full of Clocks, with the sign saying "Tempus Putkhe", which could presumably be the name of the owner of this Clock Shop. All of the Clocks in the shop resemble Shark's Clock.

In the episode "Pre-Reckoning", Peanut, in the possession of a fireman, enters the Tempus Putkhe Clock Shop, after he blasts the door open with his gun, with the door having a Peanut shaped hole. Sometime later, a gunfight between Fitz, Skillet, and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman with the bow-tie robots results in them taking refuge with Peanut in the Clock Shop, and the latter hands Fitz a gas mask, made out of propane, which nullifies the gas, and uses a ticking Clock to destroy the Bow-Tie Bots, before being sucked up and destroyed by a Hovervac. Surrounded by Bow-Tie robots, who are drilling through the door, Fitz and co. escape through the ventilation shaft. This air-vent leads to Shark's Monitor Room.


The interior of the Clock Shop is respectively colored in whites and grays. The various objects that appear in the Clock Shop are a desk with a cash register, a shelves of clocks, different types of clocks on the wall, some resemble an octagon, a cat, a guitar, one has wings, one is an inside out clock with the arms pointing at the 2 and 22, and a bunch of different types of clocks on the wall, such as pillars with clocks on them, and grandfather clocks are also seen. The room is extended with clocks everywhere, including a rocket-shaped clock. The backroom is completely white, and is full of tools, shelves, a tool-set, boxes, little clocks, and lots of other stuff are seen, an air-vent is seen on the top.