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The tank is a military themed vehicle only seen in the episode "Signals". This tank is colored green, and its cannon is colored blue.


In "Signals", Mouse Fitzgerald and his friend Golden Joe buy a tank for 50 mil to bust Skillet out of jail, (according to a sign), which were on sale, alongside three small crudely drawn tanks next to. They drive the tank throughout the episode, traveling to Liquor's Store and the Jailhouse with it. They end up killing the Green-Sweatered Woman with the tank's cannon, which spits out fire, instead of a usual cannonball. After busting Skillet out of jail and leaving Golden Joe in a jailcell, which the jailhouse blows up from a bomb, Fitz drives the tank to a mountain range, and the Eye lands on the tank with a parachute to reclaim all of his money, which Fitz and Joe brought the tank for him to keep. After some chatting with Fitz and the Eye, and Skillet explodes, Fitz sings about the sunset on the said tank. The tank is never seen again after this.