The tank is a military themed vehicle only seen in "Signals", the tank has a green body but has a blue cannon, in the Signals, Fitz and Golden Joe buy a tank to bust Skillet out of Jail, the tank was only 50 Million Dollars according to a sign saying "Stop Now For Tanks Only 50 MIL", the large Green Tank can be seen along with 3 small poorly drawn white tanks next to it, Golden Joe claims there "They Are Big As Hell", Fitz and Golden Joe buy the off-screen and drive in The City, head to the Liquor Store, as Fitz claims "This Tank Needs Some Liquor", then Fitz enters the Liquor Store but doesn't give Golden Joe a drink as they leave to the Jail, the Tank parks in front of the jail, where a sign says "NO PARKING", the Green-Sweatered Woman appears and says "Excuse me Sir You Can't Park That Tank Here", Fitz presses and uses the blue cannon to shoot the annoying woman with fire, Fitz and Golden Joe thought it was crazy as hell, the Tank reappears when Fitz is singing while at the mountains with Skillet on it, the Eye lands on the Tank with a Parachute saying he was driving the tank, Fitz says "NO", The eye comes to reclaim his money, Fitz admits he "pissed it away", Skillet explodes and Fitz sings about the sunset on the Tank. Similar to the Fiery Salad and some other minor Objects in the Series the tank never appeared again.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Real Life Tanks have actually Green and Brown, however, this tank is green but with a blue cannon now this remains currently unexplained.
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