Talking Dragons are minor characters in 12 Oz. Mouse, they are four talking dragons colored green, red, blue & yellow are seen living at The Castellica due to it being a castle, the dragons are shown to be friendly but the Eye dressed a Knight kills all four of them with his sword, these four dragons are shown exclusively in the episode "Portal to the Doorway".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The first dragon is shown to be green & appears fat, it has two yellow wings, it has claws & nibbles, wears red shoes & a baseball cap, it has a tail & one tooth from it's mouth, the dragon has two nostrils, black eyes & has brown hair.

The second dragon is colored red & looks similar to previously one, but this one has two wings, wears yellow shoes & has a black Mohawk.

The third dragon is colored blue, the only differences from the other dragons to this one is that aside the it's recolored dragon, it's two wings are colored purple, wears gray shoes & has colored hair covering it's two eyes.

The fourth dragon is colored yellow & it's design has two pink wings, wears purple shoes & a pink baseball cap, it also has purple hair.

Alliances[edit | edit source]

None of the four dragons are shown to be hostile to the Eye but friendly to him, the green dragon say's to the Eye "Hey, do you want to be friends!" then is killed by the Eye as his head is sliced by the Eye's sword, the red dragon then comes to him & say's "Are you stuck up here?, I can help!", then he is killed, the blue dragon comes to him & say's "Oh, my god do you want a hug?", the yellow dragon then comes & say's "Hey! where'd everyone go?", both then look down & see corpses of the three dead dragons, the Eye then slaughtered him with his head falling off as Mouse Fitzgerald looked at three corpses of the dragons with bodies having no heads.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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