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Talking Dragons are a small group of Dragons who appeared in the 12 oz. Mouse episode "Portal to the Doorway." These Dragons are from the Castellica which are shown to have the ability to talk, and also fly in the air. In "Portal to the Doorway", after the Eye becomes a knight, four Dragons suddenly appear. All of the Dragons are revealed to be friendly towards the Eye, although the latter slices all of the Dragon's heads off. Mouse Fitzgerald also sees three, out of the four, Dragon corpses on the grounds of Lotharganin.

Each of the four Dragons resemble each other but are shown to have different skin colors, shoes and hair. The first of the four talking Dragons has green skin with orange wings and brown hair but wears a yellow baseball hat and red shoes. The second Dragon is shown to have red skin but has a blue mohawk, another piece of blue-colored hair and yellow shoes. The third Dragon appears to have blue skin but has purple wings, colored hair and wears gray shoes. The fourth and last of these Dragons appears to be shown with yellow-colored skin but has magenta-colored wings and purplish-colored hair. This Dragon also wears a pink-colored baseball hat and purple shoes.


  • Green Dragon: "Hey! Do you want to be friends?"
  • Red Dragon: "Are you stuck up here? I can help!"
  • Blue Dragon: "Oh, my God, do you want a hug?"
  • Yellow Dragon: "Hey! Where’d everyone go?"