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T.O.P.A.Z., or simply called "TOPAZ", is a relic orange car and machine hybrid that appears a vehicle in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. The car first appeared in the episode "Adrift". It was revealed that T.O.P.A.Z. has not been fully tested as Aria claimed it to be an "outdated deserted prototype", which is "extremely unfit for duty".

This car is used as security and the surveillance in Lotharganin and as well designed to use for defenses which is the only thing they had, according to Professor Wilx. T.O.P.A.Z. was released when the Eye on a sailor boat passes in the waters of Lotharganin so Mouse and co. test its capabilities as the machine arises out of the ocean on a large green and yellow themed pillar, but the machine later exploded while during its testing, with parts of the leftover machine fall on the grounds of the grasses of Lotharganin.

T.O.P.A.Z.'s parts such as the orange car are later seen in "Because They Could" when Fitz and co. face off a hoard of Bow-Tie Bots. Fitz also attaches a grenade to a string and actives the machine's missile/rocket to blow up the Tie-bots with the press of a button and the former has Tie-bots being blowed up by it. Fitz also hides inside the car from the part of the car's right tire to destroy two tie-bots with his weapon and uses the bullet cannon to destroy and blow up several bow-tie bots.


T.O.P.A.Z. has a impressive line up of parts used for defenses in its own machinery:

  • Bullet cannon
  • Missile/Rocket
  • Green military themed cannon
  • Flamethrower
  • Sword
  • Red razor blade
  • Robotic punching glove
  • Katakana, a grenade
  • Nun-chucks
  • Guillotine
  • Watering hose
  • Plastic bag of needles
  • Catapult
  • A report card
  • Small knife
  • A set of large spider legs