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Surgery Circus
Season 2, Episode 2
12 oz mouse surgery circus.png
Air date October 1, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Surgery Circus is the ninth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse. It aired on October 1, 2006. 


Mouse, Skillet, New Guy and the unconscious Eye are traveling through the desert, using the rocket-powered skateboard, until they eventually stop, due to the device running out of gas. New Guy carries the Eye, with Mouse and Skillet on top of him. Fitz looks up on the night sky and drunkenly sings about how beautiful it is. Next, Mouse and Skillet see a circle of stars in the sky. The screen cuts to Liquor's basement, showing Roostre still being stuck in a giant web made by the Spider. Rectangle Businessman visits Liquor to buy a drink named "Rusianik Chyd". After he grabs the drink, Liquor makes fun of the square being, calling him a "Stupid bob quart" and a "Purple wafer" After he flings more insults, Liquor only gets screamed at by the Man-Woman, using her siren sound. Though, Liquor taps a button, which freezes both the Man-Woman and the businessman. He begins to record himself with a small camera, which he pulled out from behind his desk. Eventually, Peanut Cop enters the shop, acting stoned as usual. Then, Liquor fakes his death by getting Peanut Cop to shoot him. The event is shown on the monitor in front of Shark and Rectangle Businessman. The screen cuts back to Liquor's shop, where his small camera is aimed at a television screen, which displays Liquor's dead body leaking blood. After he fakes his death, Liquor presses a button, which makes the illusions of the Rectangle Businessman and Man-Woman inside his shop, disappear. Golden Joe appears with the Eye's severed leg in his hand. Roostre talks to the Spider about his close friend, CJ Muff, while he's still stuck in the gigantic web. After Fitz and the rest arrive at the shop, Liquor opens a hidden door behind his shelf, which reveals a second Eye, identical to the first. As this is happening, Shark and the Rectangular Businessman cruise around town in a customized car. They run over a Human Citizen and they blow up a building labeled "Cookies", which the Man-Woman enters. After this, Liquor and Fitz perform surgery on the Eye, as the Spider tangles up Roostre in a cocoon on his web. As all this commotion is going on, The Hand breaks down the door to Liquor's store and attacks Peanut Cop and Golden Joe.



  • This episode is rated TV-14-LV.
  • After the end credits of this episode are shown, a backwards text appears on screen, which says, "Rules Are The Rules", with Eye behind him who can't see Fitz and Liquor well.
  • The Man/Woman dies by heading into a building saying "Cookies". After this episode, The Man/Woman is absent for the rest of the second season of the show, all-through she did reappear once in "Meaty Dreamy", though only in a flashback revealing how she can transform into a man and woman.