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The Spider, also known as "Spider-boy", is a gigantic, seven-legged arachnid that emits insect-like squeaks, and groans. Similarly to most spiders, he is capable of leaving large webs and shooting. However, unlike most insects, he can skillfully play the piano and strangely weave arrows.


Spider has a gray body, with two eyes, two mouths, seven legs instead of 8. The spider also has some like human-like features (despite it being arachnid) such as small pieces hair and two ears.


Alliances & Friendships[]

While the Spider is unable to speak and naturally express its feelings, the creature has taken a liking to Rooster, listening to his stories and following throughout Cardboard City. Eventually, in "Farewell", the Spider is revealed to be the hidden identity of CJ Muff, who floats out of the character's body, now being a blue-colored orb. This fact explains the reason why the Spider was so "attached" to Roostre.


Most of Spider's enemies are unknown but considering Spider had to kill the Producer Man to get the Hand out of his brain, a another answer would be Buzby the exterminator as Fitz hired Buzby to hunt down the spider when Fitz encountered her in his home, then Buzby chased her out of the house with a machine gun trying gunned her down then as she escaped she then teleported elsewhere.


While Spider doesn't normally have powers but briefly in the "Invictus" special, when Spider came out of Fitz's house by breaking out the window, it was shown to teleport outside by opening her mouth. The spider presumably teleported into Q109

Episode appearances[]


  • The Spider's true identity and gender are currently unknown, as in the episode "Bowtime", it was shown that Fitz's daughter morphed into a spider in a flashback, which has the same appearance of this Spider, though, its unknown if this is the same spider or not.
    • This spider was called "spider-boy" and revealed to be CJ Muff, though the spider does spin and weave webs.
    • The spider that Fitz's daughter morphed into most likely was a different induvial.
  • The spider has two different homes in the series;
  • He seems to be a expert at the piano in the tenth and twelfth episodes.
  • Spider seems to now to be allied with Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, since he was hired by them and he is seen playing the piano in the RBM's bank.