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Spider-Man Special
Season 1, Episode 4 (Special)
12 Oz. Mouse Spider Image 3.png
Air date November 6, 2005
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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The Spider-Man Special is a very special episode of 12 Oz. Mouse.

The episode is an alternate version of the episode "Spider". Along with the original episode, this special was released on November 6, 2005 on the same night, though it only aired once.


An alternate version of "Spider" with several scenes shortened and Skillet's drum solo added in. Rhoda and Shark's conversation is cut down, thus removing Golden Joe's appearance, Mosquitor's letter was cut down and the dripping blood was removed, and Shark's conversation with Fitz about the record is shortened to "Don't look under your bed." These cuts made room for an extended drum solo which went on for about three and half minutes.



  • This special aired directly following the premiere of the standard version of "Spider".
  • This special is the very first special episode in the series.
  • This special was also rated "TV-14-LV", like the original episode.
  • Golden Joe is the only character who appeared in the original episode that was completely removed in this special due to Shark and Rhoda's scene being shortened.
  • Despite the blood being removed, the blood is still heard dripping.
  • Skillet's drum solo also appears as part in the Spider episode of the 12 Oz. Mouse The Move (DVD).
  • On Adult Swim.com's website, the Spider-Man special is listed as episode and the episode's description mentions "you probably haven't seen this one. We don't even remember making it". Though, this episode was taken off the website.
  • Although there is no reference to him at all in this special, the Spider-Man special was obviously named after the very famous popular fictional superhero, which obviously was named, Spiderman.
  • This special episode of 12 Oz. Mouse is very similar to the final two episodes of the Adult Swim series Perfect Hair Forever, where it had two finales, which are "Muscular Distraction - A" and "Muscular Distraction - B", where both episodes were two different versions of each other with the latter only having a couple of differences in that episode.