Skillet is the secondary protagonist of 12 oz. Mouse. He is Mouse Fitzgerald's best friend. Unlike Most of the Major Characters, He never speaks English but instead, he screeches to communicate. His main weapon is an AK-47 assault rifle. Skillet is an accomplished drum player and can use his prehensile tail to play with three drumsticks. He can fire lasers from his eyes and can revive from death. He is a black and white scan of an illustration.

Although Skillet can revive from death, he has died a few times during the series. The first being in "Signals" when Skillet's tracking bracelet blew up, which caused him to explode as well. He has also been accidentally cut with a knife by Fitz and has been shot with a blow dart in "Adventure Mouse".

Since Skillet only screeches to communicate, not many people can understand him. Though, Fitz, Roostre and a couple other characters are able to understand what he is saying. While characters like Golden Joe don't have a clue what he's saying. Such as the "Invictus" special where Skillet, Golden Joe, New Guy, Roostre And Peanut Cop are flying on a magic carpet and Skillet screeches to tell the gang where Mouse is being held. After Skillet does this, Golden Joe says "Eee Eee Eee! What's with all this Eee Eee Eee stuff man?!" Also, it is unknown if Peanut Cop is able to understand him, due to him just laughing when he started "speaking".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Skillet is a non-anthropomorphic chinchilla, he is a lot more detailed than the other characters from the show, he is gray & white, has ears, mouth, nose, two gray eyes that are realistic & a tail.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Alliances & Friendships[edit | edit source]

Skillet's main best friend is Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet is seen with him in any episode of the seasons (except for Season 3) helping him on his journey such as helping him in various tasks like traveling to the corn-dog farm by using fuel from a Gas Station & gun-fights with the bow-tie bots despite Skillet's lack of speech, along with others like Liquor, Roostre, Golden Joe, Peanut Cop & the New Guy (although he did kidnapped Skillet due to his obsession with him), in Season 3, he was stuck with Buzby for a while as both were trapped in the abandoned cardboard city in Q109.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Skillet has some enemies in the series like Shark, the Rectangular Businessmen, & Clock for some examples like for Shark, Skillet was shot by a dart & tied up by Shark in "Bowtime" along with Shark revealing his agent Pronto on a television to Fitz in "Rememorized" soon Skillet was able to kill Shark in "Farewell", for the RBM (or The No Eyed Square Guy), he blew up the businessman with a bomb in a Motel along with Mouse & his turret he controlled was attacked by the RBM's flying bank in the nineteenth episode, Skillet also dislikes Clock for some reasons like in "Bowtime" the Clock moved toward him while he was tied up, the Clock being allied with Shark & the RBM & it's powers & abilities like the time-gas.

Episode appearances:[edit | edit source]

Being the secondary protagonist, Skillet makes appearances in nearly every episode of Season 1 and 2. However, he is absent in several episodes of Season 3 and does not play a significant role throughout the season.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of the many major characters in the series, that has never spoken in voice like The New Guy.
  • Despite Skillet being a chinchilla, he was called a Dog by Rhoda in the sixth episode & was called a Squirrel by Mouse in the same episode, Skillet is often called a Squirrel in the show.
  • Skillet's gender remains a mystery, we can assume he is a male chinchilla.
  • The New Guy seems to have a obsession with Skillet, both seem to have a lot in common.
  • A concerned viewer asked in a B&W bump why Skillet appears to be the best-drawn character in the show. The bump's response was that Skillet was "ganked from an old clip-art book" and is one of only two characters Matt didn't draw himself, Shark being the other.
  • Skillet Makes a small cameo in an Another Adult Swim Show Called "Perfect Hair Forever" as a piece of blotter paper in the episode "Tusk".

    Almost the exact same Chinchilla drawing used for Skillet

  • This original drawing of a chinchilla is the exact same drawing used for Skillet in the show.
  • Skillet & Shark are the only characters in 12 Oz. Mouse to not have any original design in the show since Shark's design is "Space Ghost Coast To Coast", while Skillet was taken from this chinchilla drawing.

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