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The Skeleton is a minor character in 12 Oz. Mouse. The skeleton's only appearances in the show are in the episodes "Auraphull", "Corndog Chronicles" and "Awaken".


In "Auraphull", in the cardboard city, the song Mike Geier's "Ampullae Of Lorenzini" begins to play, as the camera shows the skeleton slowly passing by. After it walks offscreen in the burning city, the skeleton was never seen ever again.

In the "Corndog Chronicles", numerous faces of skeletons appear as the faces of asprind from a asprind bottle that Shark tried to give Mouse, the skeletons replied the word "it's getting closer, what do you want to do?", and they repeat "what do you want to do?" two more times, this is only seen in Fitz's dream.

A skeleton of a unknown person appears in "Awaken", where it appears in The World of Muck. It also had a blue backpack of materials Roostre grabbed such as a flashlight, bottled water and face wipes. This person most likely died in the underground swampland offscreen before Roostre got trapped in the same world.

The skeleton's only other appearance in the show is in a commercial promo for the show called "Street Zombies/Zombibidies", where a Skeleton is on the street during the nighttime, while Fitz and Skillet start shooting at the skeleton, until all of its skeleton's parts are gone by blasting it. After this is done, Fitz then said the words "street zombies" and "zombibidies", most likely thinking that the skeleton was actually a zombie to them.


Its dull design is only seen in the episode "Auraphull" and the "Street Zombies/Zombibidies" promo, as it is a skeleton version of a human being. It is made out of bones, it has arms, hands, a rib-cage, body, legs, feet, a skull head, eyes, nose and mouth out of bones. Skeleton faces of it appear on the white aspirin in the sixteenth episode.



  • There are more skeletons in the show, here many examples, though these skeletons are from other characters Mouse and Peanut, just decorations or are just a prop.
    • A small decoration of small skeleton heads also appear in "Bowtime".
    • Mouse Fitzgerald's skull in "Auraphull".
    • In the episode "Meat Warrior", one of the Human Citizens dressed as Construction Man is working on a utility pole, but then Peanut Cop, in his firetruck with Liquor, shoots the line that starts burning from the wire's electricity to the citizen, which kills and turns him into a skeleton.
    • In "Eighteen", when Shark demolishes buildings in the city by pressing a button at Rhoda's Bar, blowing it up and an image of the SXF Guy's human prop burning and turning into a skeleton can be seen on one of Shark's Monitors, there is also a animal corpse seen in the desert.
    • Also, there is a small scene of Peanut Cop's skeleton and skeleton body parts in "Pre-Reckoning".
    • There is also a animal skull in "Enter The Sandmouse".
    • Skeletal parts seen in "Because They Could", at the top of the World of Muck.