The Skeleton is a minor character in 12 Oz. Mouse, the skeleton's only appearances in the show is in the episodes "Auraphull", "Corndog Chronicles" & "Awaken".

In "Auraphull", in the cardboard city, the song Mike Geier's "Ampullae Of Lorenzini" begins to play, as the camera shows the skeleton slowly passing by, after it walks off-screen in the burning city, it was never seen ever again, In the episode "Corndog Chronicles", numerous faces of skeletons appear as the faces of asprind from a asprind bottle that Shark tried to give Mouse, the skeletons replied "It's getting closer, what do you want to do?", they repeat "What do you want to do?" two more times, this is only seen in Fitz's dream, a skeleton of a unknown person appears in "Awaken", where it appears in The World of Muck, it also had a blue backpack of materials Roostre grabbed like a flashlight, bottled water & face wipes.

The skeleton's only other appearance in the show is in a 12 Oz. Mouse Promo Called "Street Zombies/Zombibidies", Skeleton is on the street during the nighttime, Fitz & Skillet start shooting at the skeleton, thinking it's a is zombie, after blasting the skeleton half of its body falls apart, Fitz & Skillet used their weapons, they continue to shoot at it, it's lower parts start to flew away, it's part of its skeleton body go flying away, such as the hands, Skillet shoots at it one last time, Fitz calls it "Street Zombies", & "Zombibidies".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It's dull design is only seen in the episode "Auraphull" & the 12 Oz. mouse Street Zombies/Zombibidies promo, it is a skeleton version of a human being, it is made out of bones, it has arms, hands, a rib-cage, body, legs, feet, a skull head, eyes, nose & mouth out of bones, Skeleton faces of it appear on the white aspirin in the sixteenth episode.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Since this was only seen in a promo Mouse Fitzgerald & Skillet are the only confirmed enemies of this skeleton due to the both of them shooting at it.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are more skeletons in the show, here many examples, though however these skeletons are from other characters Mouse & Peanut, just decorations or are just a prop.
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