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Skeleton is a minor character in 12 Oz. Mouse. The Skeleton has made a few appearances in the series.


The Skeleton made its first appearance in a 12 oz. Mouse New Years Eve 2005 promo/bump where an undead Skeleton approaches Skillet. This Skeleton acts very similar to a zombie, even mentioning "Brains!" before getting its torso shot off by Skillet. The said torso of the Skeleton gets back up, speaks some gibberish, and continues to go after Skillet. Soon, Mouse Fitzgerald throws an object at the said Skeleton. Fitz then starts attacking the Skeleton by firing shots at him with one of his weapons until its torso and body parts, such as its bones and rip-cage, fall off. After this, Fitz calls the Skeleton a "street zombie" and "zombibidie" respectively.

The Skeleton appears again in the episode "Auraphull", where it slowly passes by the burning cardboard city while the song Mike Geier's "Ampullae Of Lorenzini" begins to play in the background.

In the episode "Corndog Chronicles", various faces of Skeletons suddenly appear on the asprind in Fitz's dream. One of them tells Fitz, "It's getting closer," with the faces asking him "What do you want to do?".

In the episode "Awaken", while traveling in The World of Muck, Roostre discovers the Skeleton of an unknown person who has a blue-colored backpack of materials that Roostre needed such as a flashlight, Ju Ju bees, bottled water, and face wipes.