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Sirus, also known as The Architect, is an antagonist introduced in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. Sirus is an unknown six-legged creature, with a human-like face, who works for the Industry Man and Shyd Industries. He designed the simulation to be "escape-proof."


Alliances & Friendships[]

Sirus works for the Industry Man at Shyd Industries to find the Box of Worlds and prevent anyone from escaping the simulation. He even teleported Roostre to his room in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" to formulate a plan to take down Shyd Industries, despite working for the Industry Man. He also confirmed that Roostre is actually CJ Muff. The Green-Sweatered Woman also works with the Architect.


Most of Sirus' enemies are rarely shown, but he does pose as a threat to Fitz, Aria and all of Mouse's friends since he prevented anyone from escaping the simulation. He also sent out a "de-magnetize desert quadrant" by dancing to a smiling magnet to set flames to the thunderstorm in the desert which is the same storm that teleports Fitz and co. to The Kid.

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