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Sirus, also known as The Architect, is a new antagonist and character introduced in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. He is associated with Shyd Industries, and works with the Industry Man. He designed the simulation to be escape-proof, and he seems to be a large alien/spider like creature with a humanoid face.


Sirus is a large gray colored alien spider like creature, he has big brown lips, a large nose, a small ear, a humanoid like head and face with small red eyes with red markings underneath it. He has purple goo and small gooey legs underneath, and around the goo covered on the bottom of his body. Sirus has over six spider like legs, the legs are colored half purple, and gray, and is located on his head instead of his body.


Alliances & Friendships[]

He works for the Industry Man at Shyd Industries to find the Box of Worlds and prevent anyone from escaping the simulation. He also allied with Roostre in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" to formulate his plan to take down Shyd Industries, though he does head to Industry Man and his office in "Portal to the Doorway". He also confirmed that Roostre was actually CJ Muff.


Most of his enemies are rarely shown, but he poses a main threat to Fitz, Roostre (despite allying with him), and co. since he prevented anyone from escaping his simulation. He also does a "de-magnetize desert quadrant" by dancing to a magnet to set flames to the thunderstorm in the desert, which is the same storm that teleports Fitz and co. to The Kid.

Episode appearances[]