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Shyd Industries is a large skyscraper, and company located in a large futuristic city. In a stimulated world, and one of the main settings seen in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. Which is known for trapping people into simulations, and in order to prevent people from escaping. The company has a Box of Worlds (which The Industry Man lost, and the Man-Woman has). It is controlled by Sirus (also known as The Architect) and Industry Man (which forms into the Clock and The Shadowy Figure). The Industry Man has a futuristic office with a desk, seat, windows, and full of tubes with a Walking Fish seen in one of the tubes is shown in the background. Underneath the office of the Industry Man is the Architect's control room colored in wooden browns.

In the episodes, "Here We Come" and "Portal to the Doorway", the office was set on fire. Roostre and Professor Wilx visit this office, and Sirus appeared in this office on occasion. Roostre ended up escape via window, after scratching the glass to a circle, and falls to the ground to a portal.

In "Final Beginning", Fitz and co. finally encounter the Industry Man in his office, who is later killed by Kiki's jet-ski, but Aria explodes the building.