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The Interior of Shark's office

Shark's Office is a big office located in a building in The City where Shark works, and lives at. Clock stays on the wall, and Fitz visits to get a job, and the office is part of a white building saying the words "Jobs" and "Help Wanted." Aside from Fitz, Shark and Clock, the Rectangular Businessman, Pronto (on Shark's television monitor), one of Shark's Bugs, and a Walking Fish (when the office was flooded with water) are the only other characters seen in this office.


The outside of the building is crudely drawn, and has a "Help Wanted", sign, and an arrow to a door. There are lines on top of the building that says "Jobs." It is located next to a bunch of other work buildings.


The room is plain white, there is a white wall, and a small window, there is also a chair, and a desk, with a sign on it saying "Prez" in the room. The "Prez" sign suggests that Shark is the president of the town.

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  • The building only has the words "Job", in the intro.


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