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Shark's Monitor Room, also known as Shark's Control Room, is a white room with a monitor set that Shark uses to watch all the characters, events and locations present in the city on monitors. Shark and the Rectangular Businessman often appear this room, along with other characters such as Clock and the Eye. This room has many features such as Shark having a special rig to move around his control room, Bloody Spears, a Animal Chain, a simulation room, a button, a switch on the monitor set that reveals Shark's Jet, and a bunch of weapons behind the monitors. Shark also uses a Bug to set up all of the cameras on his monitors.

Like Liquor's Store, many major events that have occurred in this monitor room such as Pronto stealing the Animal Chain, Shark blowing up various locations throughout the city on monitors from a button, Shark's bloody death, Mouse switching minds Shark by the help of Buzby, the recreation of the Rectangular Businessman and Shark, and the voice of CJ Muff being revealed.

Locations shown on Shark's monitors[]

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  • The location of this monitor room is shown to be in a building located next to Shark's Office. This was also the same building where Shark's party was held in the respective episodes, "Adventure Mouse" and "Bowtime." This building also appeared again in "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control."
  • Uncle Grandfather's Temple, a location from the Adult Swim series Perfect Hair Forever appears on a monitor in "Invictus."
  • The weapons behind Shark's monitors were recycled from the basement in Roostre's shack.
  • It's currently unknown how the cameras can show footage of Lotharganin and the Rap Studio on the monitors.

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