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Shark's Monitor Room, also known as Shark's Control Room, is a recurring location in the series. The room is a monitor room in one of Shark's buildings, located in the one where Shark's party happened. Shark uses a monitor set to watch all the characters, events and locations on cameras and monitors. Shark and the Rectangular Businessman often use this room, with other people such as the Clock and the Eye. Also this room has many features such as Shark having a special rig to move around his control room, Bloody Spears, a Animal Chain (which Pronto stolen), a simulation room, a button, a switch on the monitor set that opens a Shark Jet in "Farewell" and a collection of weapons behind the monitors in "Inivctus." Some minor events in the show happen in this monitor room such as Pronto stealing the Animal Chain, Shark blowing up various locations in the show on monitors from a button, Shark's bloody death, Mouse switching minds Shark by the help of Buzby, the recreation of the Rectangular Businessman and Shark and even CJ Muff's voice being revealed.


The exterior is plain white, but is heavily detailed with a large monitor set, located in the room with has a set of monitors on it, a switch is seen on the bottom of the monitors, a small door in the bottom with a Animal Chain in it, the rest of the room is white, a fire extinguisher is seen next to a pipe with a handle, two lines are on one part of a door of the monitor set, two small buttons on a another part of the set, there is two circle and a line connect to them, a sword is on the monitor set, a rectangle line is seen, three square buttons are underneath, there is a vent with a tube on the ceiling, three lines are seen behind the monitors, a glass door on the wall. Only In "Farewell", a large door with yellow and black lines a above it, the door is gray, a opening to Shark Jet, and three lights glowing yellow are on top.

In "Invictus", the room is edited there is a picture/case of "Number 1" is on the wall near a area, and a lamp seen in "Invictus", it is located top of the area of the Mind-Swapping Chair on a gray trap door. A closet of guns is revealed and the weapons shown are shotguns, grenades, missiles, bazookas and other weapons in boxes is revealed after being opened, they were behind the monitor set.

Appearance List:[]

Locations seen on Shark's monitors[]

Other things displayed on the monitors[]

  • Shark Show logo - Spharktasm
  • Shark's party - Adventure Mouse and Bowtime
  • Rhoda's dead body - Adventure Mouse
  • Live-action Cat - Adventure Mouse
  • Skillet knocking on the bookcase - Adventure Mouse
  • Green-Sweatered Woman nagging on a human citizen - Adventure Mouse
  • Fitz knocked out - Bowtime
  • Skillet tied up - Bowtime
  • Eye splattered with blood - Bowtime
  • "Golden Joseph" written in urine - Bowtime
  • Liquor's face and fake death - Surgery Circus
  • Liquor riding the Firetruck - Meat Warrior
  • Peanut Cop in the white room with a giant fan with the Shadowy Figure - Meat Warrior
  • The 2nd Eye pointing a gun at the Eye walking on the streets - Meat Warrior
  • A skeleton of construction worker on a Utility Pole - Meat Warrior
  • Street view - Meat Warrior
  • Corn Dog Farm destroyed - Meat Warrior
  • Amalochk - Eighteen, Pre-Reckoning and Farewell
  • Colored Bar - Eighteen, Pre-Reckoning Farewell and First 12
  • Buildings filling out gas - Pre-Reckoning
  • Static - often
  • Flashing Corndog in static - Farewell and First 12
  • The Hovervacs - Farewell
  • Circle of Stars - Invictus
  • Uncle Grandfather's Temple - Invictus
  • Golden Joe and Kiki - First 12


  • The closet of weapons seen behind Shark's monitors were recycled from the basement full of weapons in Roostre's shack.
  • Uncle Grandfather's Temple, a location from the Adult Swim series "Perfect Hair Forever" appears on a monitor in "Invictus."
  • The monitor room only appears in three episodes of the show's first season and third seasons, though the third and latter episode is different. Not counting the "Spider-Man Special".
    • The monitor room appeared commonly in the show's second season (appearing in over six episodes) and "Invictus."
  • Its implied that Shark has multiple Bugs he uses for all of his cameras.
  • Its currently unknown how the cameras can show footage of Lotharganin and the Rap Studio on the monitors.