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Shark's Gun is large gun that only ever appears in "Meaty Dreamy", which was originally the gun of Shark's grandfather but he gave the large weapon to him after the "Meat Wars", Shark calls it a One-Gauge according to Shark the gun will "Blow Your Head Into Vapor", "While it de-moleculizes your bones", as the Rectangular Businessman calls it fake, Later Shark and the Businessman drive to a flaming Gas Station, having the large gun in their car, as Shark says "I'm to blow them away, all the away," the Businessman says "Barely Find Your Ass To Clean it", the gun cocks at the businessman who knows Shark is going to shoot the gun at somebody, soon a strange-acting man walks up to the window of their car, Shark shoots the strange man with Gun by his window, which blows him away.

Appearances:[edit | edit source]

"Meaty Dreamy" (Only Appearance)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's Currently unknown what happened to the Large Gun for the rest of the series.
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