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Shark in his back room in Spider.png

Shark's Back Room is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse. This room serves the purpose as a backroom/home for Shark. Usually Shark appears in this room, wearing an outfit of some kind, and drinking tea through a pink straw in a glass cup. Other people such as Rectangular Businessman, Producer Man, Pronto, and one of his robotic Bugs have visit this room before.

In the episode "Bowtime", the Producer Man comes into this room, and interrupts Shark, claiming that "their plan" was a success, and he finds the Rectangular Businessman on his wall, killed by Pronto's arrows, but soon he annoys Shark, and brings a "Zoo Day" T-Shirt, and knocks over the glass of his tea. He is then killed by a Buzzsaw offscreen with blood splattering. Later on in the episode, Shark and the Rectangular Businessman watch footage of Mouse and Skillet escaping to the Desert, with the Eye and New Guy, and Shark hires Pronto to deal with Fitz, and rejects the Bug's purpose in the mission.


The room is a plain white room with a carpet, and with a fireplace with wood, and a pile of fire, with a picture of Shark and a globe, a book-shelve full of books, a fish, and a cat-like statue, with a wheeled desk with a bottle, and bucket on it. Other objects such as a large military weapon that his grandfather gave him, and a television monitor can also be seen in this room.

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  • The location of the backroom has never been revealed, although this room could most likely be located in one of Shark's work buildings.
  • The eyes of the cat-like statue turn red in the episode "Bowtime" in the background.