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Shark (or "The Shark") is the main antagonist of 12 Oz. Mouse along with the Rectangular Businessman and Clock. Initially seen as the president of an employment company (and obviously of the show's setting), he eventually develops into one of the main antagonist alongside the Rectangular Businessman, and is later to be involved in a large conspiracy against Fitz is portrayed as an intimidating, yet soft-spoken creature who has a short tolerance for those around him. While he constantly threatens with violence, he prefers to use indirect means of assault (ex. hiring Pronto to assassinate Fitz) but does not hesitate to get involved personally once aggravated enough. He has a strong desire to remain in power, regardless of whatever situation occurs.

Shark was originally voiced by Adam Reed and is one of two characters who do not use an original design[1], with the other being Skillet. In the 12 Oz. Mouse special, "Invictus", when Shark is dressed as Fitz's therapist, he has his own female voice, which is voiced by Rita Morales. From the third season's first episode Francis, Cheap & Out of Control, he is voiced by creator Matt Maiellaro. During the rest of the third season, Shark's current voice actor is Ned Hastings and replaces his original voice actor Adam Reed due to him obviously being unavailable at the time of the third season's production.


Shark is a non-anthropomorphic blue shark, the lower part of his body being white. He has a mouth with sharp teeth, a nostril, he has five gills on his body, has blue fins as part of his body, and a long tail.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Despite befriending the Rectangular Businessman, they are regularly at each other's throats, critiquing one another's actions. Shark shares a slight amount of hatred for the square-being, but having to work together, decides to put up with the businessman's attitude. His infantry of robotic insects is quite ignorant, which usually causes Shark to become miffed. Other affiliates include the clock and skilled archer, Pronto. While Shark doesn't interact much with the unnamed clock, he has had several conversations with Pronto, often concluding in Shark regarding the latter as having poor abilities.


Similarly to the Rectangular Businessman, Shark decides to insult others rather than make peace with them. While not as snobby, he shares several traits of the aforementioned square creature. While Shark doesn't outright hate certain characters, he has a slight distaste for most. He dislikes Rhoda, and due to the latter knowing too much about his conspiracy, orders to have him killed. As Shark doesn't relatively despise Golden Joe and the Eye, he is often annoyed by both character's personas.

Episode appearances:[]


  • As the card on his desk suggests, Shark is the president of the town.
  • Shark is actually known as "Old Kentucky Shark" from the "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" show, in the episode "Kentucky Nightmare". Its also appeared in "Sealab 2021" and in the second episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, "Escape From Leprechaupolis.
    • Shark is also borrowed from an old Hanna Barbara cartoon.
  • In "Invictus", Shark actually has a redrawn design.
    • In the same special, his brain fittingly resembles a fish.
  • Golden Joe was the initial boss of Fitz in the original pilot, as opposed to Shark.
  • In "Meaty Dreamy", Shark revealed to have a big gun that his grandfather gave him during the "Meat Wars", this implies that Shark has a actual grandfather and did compete in a unseen fictional war called the "Meat Wars", though, the war is never seen in the series. It could be a implied meat themed war that happened before the series started.
  • Along with the Rectangular Businessman, Shark has died over three times in the series, in the episodes "Farewell", "Prolegomenon", and "Invictus", considering the both of them are the main antagonists of the series.
  • Shark has the most voice actors than any other character in the series, he has over four voice actors;
    • He was originally voiced by Adam Reed.
    • He was voiced by Rita Morales in "Invictus" protraying as Fitz's therapist.
    • He was voiced by Matt Maiellaro, in the first episode of the third season and when he switched minds with Fitz in the special.
    • His voice actor was Ned Hastings in the third season.
  • Prior to Season 3, Shark was only absent in the episodes "Auraphull" and "Enter the Sandmouse" in the original series, with the latter have taken place after the finale of the second season, despite not being confirmed.