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Shadowy Figure's Van.jpg

Shadowy Figure's Van is a dark shadowy van owned by The Shadowy Figure. The van has wheels, light, a door on the van which opens in its next appearance, and a purple grow appears on the bottom of the van.

The van is first seen in "Eighteen", where the Shadowy Figure drives his shadowy van up to Peanut Cop who is standing on a street, setting things on fire. Peanut Cop asks for help, and the Shadowy Figure shoots him with an extra-strength dart.

The Shadowy Figure's Van reappears one last time in "Pre-Reckoning", when Peanut Cop flies out of the Shadowy Figure's van onto the street when it comes to a stop, and he too begins speaking in jumbled phrases. After this, The Shadowy Figure drives away with his van, which is never seen ever again.