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The Sewer System is an underground area beneath the city, full of carrying wastewater, and human waste away, seen in a few episodes with notable waste such as a bone, a thermometer and a dead brown sewer rat. The sewer system, is entered by a Man-hole with a corndog on it, also where the Corn-Droid is located at. Roostre and Spider travel to a hidden Corn-Droid in "Meat Warrior". Though, the hand needs to be activated for the robot for his right hand, which is his missing hand, the corn-droid is going to be used for Roostre to destroy everything as earlier his Corndog Farm was destroyed. This action later happens in "Pre-Reckoning".

The sewer's interior is completely white, not gray, the sewer water is green (due to human waste), and there is a latter to climb up to the surface. The door to the Corn-Droid is metal, and has skull and corndog shaped X on it, a power switch with a five-fingered Hand is on it. The location of inside of the Corn-Droid has a bunch of tubes on its body, and fingers. It resembles a corndog with a weird speaker like face, and an antenna on its head with a lightbulb. The corndog has arms and fingers, and is connected to the tubes such as multiple purple tubes. A yellow and black tube, and a large red tube, letting out stream, and gas, and it was first seen in "Enjoy The Arm".

The only other people that have visited this sewers are Mouse Fitzgerald, Skillet, Liquor, Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman and Producer Man. A large circus like drawing can be seen in the wall of one episode. CJ Muff was also set free down here in "Farewell."

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