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The Sewer System is a location, known for carrying human waste, in 12 oz. Mouse.


The Sewers System is located underneath a man-hole on a street, and is the location of a hidden Corn-Droid that Roostre wanted to activate, via switch, when he found out that his Corn Dog Farm was destroyed while in Spider's cave. Roostre, along with Spider, eventually flies around town on a jet-pack, and reaches the sewers to find the hidden Corn-Droid, but couldn't activate it, since Roostre needed his missing hand to press the switch, due to him having a hook, and had to wait for a while with Spider for the Hand's arrival.

Sometime later, Fitz and co. (consisting of Liquor, the Producer Man, Fitz's best friend Skillet, and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman) came down to the sewers to reach Roostre, so they can get his missing hand out of the Producer Man's brain, and shows X-rays to Roostre in attempt get the Hand out, however, Fitz eventually leaves with Skillet and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman to find and kill Shark, who's been exploding the city, and summoning armies of Bow-tie Bots and Hovervacs to destroy the city.

Eventually, Spider kills the Producer Man, exposing his brain with Liquor taking the Hand out, and even karate chops Roostre's hook off and replaces it with his homing hand. Roostre finally activates and releases the Corn-Droid, who then proceeds to destroy all of Shark's Hovervacs. After that Liquor goes back in the sewers to check on Roostre, who lays on the ground motionless without any eyes, as the orb of CJ Muff is freed from Spider's body, and talks to Liquor, which the latter is following the Corn-Droid.

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  • The sewer's man-hole has the shape of a corn-dog on it.
  • Some of the waste shown in the green waters of the sewers are a bone, a dead rat, and thermometer.