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The Second Eye, alternatively known as the "2nd Eye" or the "Rogue Eye," is an exact clone of the Eye, sharing every physical feature of the titular character. While first seeming to befriend the Eye, he later turns on the latter, leading him to Shark's monitor room where he would be held hostage.


Like the original Eye, he has a very simple design, he has a big circle, with a pink eyelid, eyelashes, the eye is colored blue, a black circle in the circle of it, a mouth and two stick-figure legs.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Before he became evil, he befriended the Eye for a little bit, however, after he eventually became evil and loyal to Shark, Rectangular Businessman and the Clock, due to his evil nature and mercilessly abused Golden Joe while he was tied up. He also seem to have some alliance with the Shadowy Figure.


While at first seeming to befriend the original Eye's presence, the Second Eye quickly betrays the latter, pointing a gun at the other's forehead and leading him to Shark's control room. He also abuses the aforementioned Golden Joe. He was later gunned down by Fitz, Skillet and the Cyber Green-Sweatered Woman and killed.

Episode appearances[]



  • Its unknown why Liquor would have a clone of the eye in his Liquor Shelf.
  • Unlike the original Eye, this Eye has two voice actors.
  • A female version of the Second Eye is seen and makes a cameo in "You Made This". Although, it's never been confirmed that female eye is the Second Eye and could possibly be Eye's girlfriend, wife, or a relative.