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Season 3
Start Date: April 1st, 2020 (First ep. only), July 20th, 2020
End Date August 1, 2020
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Season 2

The third and final season of 12 Oz. Mouse debuted in 2020, with its first episode airing on April 1st of the said year. Soon after, it was announced that the series had finally returned with a whole season worth of new episodes, which begin airing on July 20th, 2020.  


The third season of 12 Oz. Mouse was officially announced on April 1st, 2020, with an all-new episode of the series titled, "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control." After this, the series was picked up for another season, featuring better animation and continuing the series' ongoing lore.  

Production & Development[]

After the airing of "Invictus" on October 14, 2018, the series was then green-lighted by Adult Swim with ten brand new episodes that will be confirmed to be airing in the year 2020 and announced a revival of the series, a editor named "Brad Lee Zimmerman" who worked on the show made a Facebook post about his work on 12 Oz. Mouse.

Episode List[]

Season 3 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
Francis, Cheap & Out of Control.png
1 21 "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" Matt Maiellaro and Corey Sherman Matt Maiellaro and Corey Sherman April 1, 2020
A reporter, going by the name of Francis, heads to the Cardboard City and interviews various characters.
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2 22 "First 12" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 21, 2020
Fitz awakens and finds himself without a memory, living in a new world called "Lotharganin." In this universe, he meets two top scientists named Aria and Professor Wilx. Golden Joe and Peanut Cop are contained within a jail cell, as Roostre is trapped in an unknown environment.  
3 23 "Awaken" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 22, 2020
While Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are being reconstructed into an abomination of each other. Golden Joe and Peanut Cop continue to discover a way to escape from their jail cell. Along with this, Aria tries to jog Fitz's memory, with Wilx believing the latter is the core of the entire simulation experiment. 
4 24 "Adrift" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 23, 2020
 The disfigured Shark-Businessman hybrid is finally revealed, as a Schooner breaks through the defenses of the Lotharganin, with clues pointing to Wilx's underlying connection to Shyd Industries.
You Made This.jpg
5 25 "You Made This" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 24, 2020
The Eye reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin, escaping Q109. Meanwhile, in the Outer Earth, Man-Woman is interrogated by a human cop due to her being in possession of the Box of Worlds, first created by Shyd Industries
Because They Could.jpg
6 26 "Because They Could" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 25, 2020
Roostre escapes from the World of Muck and finds himself in a desert with a well-armed Kid camping out. Meanwhile, Peanut Cop and Golden Joe break out of prison on jet skis, Fitz and co. take out a hoard of Bow-Tie Bots, and Aria realizes that Professor Wilx is working for Shyd Industries. 
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7 27 "Reveal" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 28, 2020
 At Shyd Industries, the Shadowy Figure meets with Sirus the Architect who designed the locking system that made the Box of Worlds escape-proof. Fitz receives an injection that recovers his memories of how he invented the Box and how to find the way out.
Prime Time Nursery Rhyme.jpg
8 28 "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 29, 2020
Mouse discovers the Box of Worlds has been stolen and is now unstable, just as Golden Joe and Peanut Cop come to his rescue. Roostre meets Sirus, and devises a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Meanwhile, Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.
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9 29 "Here We Come" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 30, 2020
Industry Man resurrects Wilx and questions Roostre on the whereabouts of Fitz, whom he fears will expose Shyd Industries' secrets if he escapes from the Box. The Peanut Cop stops the nuclear meltdown but steps on a bomb, with his remains being put into a beaker. The Green-Sweatered Woman alerts the Castellica, an AI construct in the form of an outer space RV castle piloted by Elize and Olof and sends it to save Fitz and Aria. 
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10 30 "Portal to the Doorway" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro July 31, 2020
As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Roostre escapes the clutches of Industry Man. Elize and Olof perform their song "Portal to the Doorway" which summons a thunderstorm, which teleports their allies across multiple worlds. 
Final Beginning.jpg
11 31 "Final Beginning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro August 1, 2020
In this finale, Industry Man and his clock persona are finally destroyed, but who really holds the key to the powerful Box of Worlds? 


  • After being off the air for nearly 14 years, excluding the Invictus special, the series has officially returned with an onslaught of new episodes.
  • This season was originally confirmed to be announced for 10 episodes back in 2018, although this has changed as the episode "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" originally premiered on April Fools Day 2020, as part of a April Fools prank.
    • Speaking of, "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control" is technically placed at the end of the third season as the last episode, despite being the Season 3 premiere.