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Season 2
Start Date: September 24th, 2006
End Date: December 17th, 2006
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The second season of 12 Oz. Mouse aired from September 24, 2006 to December 17, 2006. The first episode of season 2 was titled "Bowtime" and the last being "Prolegomenon." A total of 13 episodes were aired over the span of four months. 

Production & Development[]

The second season of 12 Oz. Mouse was originally greenlighted with 20 episodes, according to one of Matt Maiellaro's interviews. After the first three episodes were produced, Maiellaro stated in a interview that the second season was instead shortened to thirteenth episodes due to the show's cancellation. The second season finale also ended up completely different than what was planned.

Episode List[]

Season 2 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
12 oz mouse bowtime.png
1 8 "Bowtime" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro September 24, 2006
Roostre, Joe, and Peanut escape the jet car and crash Shark's party. Meanwhile, Fitz is trapped in Shark's simulation, soon Liquor lures Roostre into his cellar and traps him into a spider web.
12 oz mouse surgery circus.png
2 9 "Surgery Circus" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 1, 2006
Fitz, Skillet, an Injured Eye, and the New Guy travel to the Desert, and then head to the Liquor Store for help from Liquor to fix the Eye's leg but soon he reveals a clone of the Eye from his shelve. Meanwhile, Shark cruises his car around town with the Rectangular Businessman, and Roostre makes peace with a giant Spider while trapped in it's web. 
12 oz mouse booger haze.png
3 10 "Booger Haze" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 8, 2006
At the Liquor's Store, The Eye's surgery is a success, and his is repaired. Liquor traps The Hand in a jar. Meanwhile, Spider drags a cocooned Roostre to a Desert Cave and plays the song "Booger Haze" by summoning Music Notes to destroy Roostre's Corn-Dog farm. Shark and the Rectangular Businessman pick up the annoying Green Sweatered Woman, and drive for a while until the RBM rips her in half with his powers. 
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4 11 "Star Wars VII" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 15, 2006
Fitz and Skillet escape the corn dog farm by using a Corn-Dog rocket-ship by exploding it with a cache of bombs. Meanwhile, Shark tries to get his broke-down car started while the Rectangular Businessman heads to a Harmonica Store
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5 12 "Enjoy the Arm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 22, 2006
Fitz and Skillet crash on a large skyscraper with the rocket-ship, and find a Green-Sweatered Woman split in half, Skillet turns her into a terminator-style robot. Meanwhile, Liquor performs a stand-up comedy routine for the Eyes, and Roostre wants to destroy the town by summoning his Corn-Droid after discovering that his farm was destroyed. 
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6 13 "Auraphull" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 29, 2006
While still drunk and stoned, Peanut Cop visits the hat store and decides to become a fireman after stealing a hat. 
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7 14 "Meat Warrior" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 5, 2006
Peanut Cop, now a fireman, picks up Liquor and goes drunk driving in his jet-powered firetruck, until Peanut eventually leaves. Liquor then reunites with Fitz at a large skyscraper. Meanwhile, the Rectangular Businessman talks to the Clock about Shark in Shark's Office. Shark catches up to the office, and then travels back to the monitor room to find out that the Animal Chain was stolen. Roostre takes Spider to a hidden Corn-Droid. 
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8 15 "Meaty Dreamy" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 12, 2006
The Hand crawls into the brain of the Producer Man and controls his body after being attacked by Pronto. Meanwhile, Fitz, Skillet and Liquor use intravenous injections of meat to get to sleep. 
Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 9.33.53 PM.png
9 16 "Corndog Chronicles" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 19, 2006
Fitz has various dreams of him talking to other people such as Shark and Roostre but is woken up by Liquor. Meanwhile, Pronto goes to a graveyard, where he gives the Animal Chain to an eight-armed beast named Amalockh
12 oz mouse eighteen v.1 .png
10 17 "Eighteen" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 26, 2006
After being inside the skyscraper's elevator for a while, the Producer Man reaches Fitz, Skillet, and Liquor, which the latter X-rays his head to discover that the Hand is inside him, which translates the beeping sounds that he is making. Fitz and co. soon escape the skyscraper. Meanwhile, Shark kidnaps Mouse's friends and starts blowing up the city
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11 18 "Pre-Reckoning" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 3, 2006
Fitz and co. meet up with Roostre and Spider in the Sewers System to get him back his Hand. Meanwhile, Shark's minions, which are the Bow-tie Bots and the Hovervacs, wreck havoc on the city. Fitz, Skillet, and the Cyber Sweartered-Woman then travel back to the surface to fight the said robots and eventually reunite with Peanut Cop at a Clock Shop
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12 19 "Farewell" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 10, 2006
After traveling through a ventilation system, Fitz and co. finally kill Shark, and save Golden Joe, Eye, and a disguised New Guy, and discover Shark's Jet. CJ Muff is set free after the Corn-Droid breaks out of the Sewer system to destroy Hovervacs, while Roostre, with his Hand back, lays motionless on the ground. Meanwhile, the Rectangular Businessman heads back to his bank and traps The Shadowy Figure in a jar, and then flies away.
12 oz mouse prolegomeneon .png
13 20 "Prolegomenon" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro December 17, 2006
After the presumed death of Skillet, Fitz plays some pinball from a machine at the Diner, and summons Archeus. Soon he wakes up in a simulation program in the real world.


  • When the second season of 12 oz. Mouse was premiering on Adult Swim, a commercial promo for upcoming episodes for this season used to play on television.
  • Many of these episodes originally aired in an unfinished state, either with missing pieces of dialogue, no certain lighting effects added, some sound effects weren't added, along with many others.

Home Video Releases:[]

  • Season 2, along with Season 1, was released onto the shows first and only DVD titled "12 Oz. Mouse: The Movie" where the whole series was spliced together to create a movie, adding some new footage to the show as well.