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Season 1
Start Date: June 19th, 2005
End Date: January 1st, 2006
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Season 2

The first season of 12 Oz. Mouse premiered on June 19th, 2005, and finished its run on January 1st, 2006. The first episode, "Hired", aired on [adult swim] as a special presentation during the summer of 2005. The series then returned to television on October 20th, 2005, and officially ended on New Years Day 2006. Over the span of six months, 7, 11-minute episodes were ultimately released. 

Production & Development[]

The series was picked up by [adult swim] after Maiellaro pitched the concept to them during a table read. While pitching the series' scripts, Maeillero would state the budget roughly being "five dollars" and would "take some of the paper sitting in the copier."[1] An obscure early pilot was produced but it has never been released and is now completely lost.[2] Originally, the program was intended to lack a true plot, with each episode standing on its own. Although while beginning to develop the second episode, Maiellaro "snapped into the serial thing" and introduced a story behind the series and world of 12 Oz. Mouse.

Episode List[]

Season 1 episodes
Image Ep.# # in series Title Written by Directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Hired" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro June 19, 2005
Mouse Fitzgerald crashes his yellow jet into a building with a Help Wanted sign. He enters the building, and is hired by a Shark, regarding a Rectangular Businessman who needs to be driven to Cheese Industries for a meeting.
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2 2 "Signals" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 20, 2005
Fitz is hired by the Eye to retrieve money from rap artist, Golden Joe, as the latter owes him "50 mill."
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3 3 "Rooster" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro October 30, 2005
Fitz befriends a corndog farmer named Roostre, who begins conversing about Q109 and his former friend, CJ Muff.  
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4 4 "Spider" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 6, 2005
Fitz discovers a giant spider living within his home, and later breaks into a local shop, known as the Music Void.
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5 5 "Rememorized" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 13, 2005
Fitz is delivered a bizarre tape featuring the Shark introducing a skilled archer named Pronto
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6 6 "Spharktasm" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro November 20, 2005
Fitz and Skillet hold Rhoda hostage and question him about their strange town. Later, Fitz ambushes and questions Roostre who is hosting a get-together at his house with his friends Golden Joe, Peanut Cop, and the New Guy.  
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7 7 "Adventure Mouse" Matt Maiellaro Matt Maiellaro January 1, 2006
Shark hosts a party as Fitz opts to attend it. Meanwhile, Roostre, Golden Joe, and Peanut Cop are accidentally trapped inside Fitz's jet car.  

Home Video Releases:[]

  • Season 1 was released onto the show's first and only DVD titled "12 Oz. Mouse: The Movie" where the whole series was spliced together to create a movie, adding some new footage to the show as well.