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The Sound Effects Guy is a man who is only mentioned in the series, and is not seen. Fitz says that he "works in the movies." He also says that the man "Worked on Black Beast." As stated before, the man doesn't actually appear in the series. He is only mentioned. Also, one of his props can also be seen infront of the entrance of Rhoda's Bar.


The SFX Guy's human prop is fully detailed, but he is colored white, has a weird looking face, the eyes are closed, it has a nose and mouth, has an arm and its feet are weird shaped, there is also a SFX Kit next to the fake corpse. The prop also has a skeleton.

Role In The Series   []

In "Signals", while Fitz is talking to Golden Joe at Rhoda's Bar, Mouse mentions making a mold of Golden Joe's head. The camera then cuts to a shot of 3 arrows flying through the air, peircing into a fake corpse, Next to a SFX Kit. As this scene is shown, Fitz says "You got a special sound effects guy outside, works in the movies. He worked on Black Beast. He's the best." Fitz continues talking about him, saying "He's gonna make a mold of your head. Your Golden Joe head."

The SFX Guy's prop makes a short appearance in at the episode "Spider" at the entrance at Rhoda's Bar still shot with arrows.

The SFX Guy isn't mentioned again, but rather, his prop his seen again. In "Eighteen", when Shark demolishes buildings in the city by pressing a button, at Rhoda's Bar, blowing it up and an image of the SFX Guy's human prop burning and turning into a skeleton can be seen on one of Shark's monitors

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  • This guy is one of the people who worked on the cardboard city's only available movie "Black Beast".