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Roostre, also pronounced as "rooster," is a blond-haired human hillbilly corndog farmer, who plants corndogs near the town where Fitz lives. He plays a classical guitar and has a hook for a hand. In the series, Roostre talks about the mysterious "Birmingham/C. J. Muff" who left "Q109" to some characters like Fitz and Spider and he also relates a story of being abducted by an indistinct figure, taken to a white room, being paralyzed by a dart to the neck, and being pushed toward a "giant, spinning fan." This bears a similarity to some of Fitz's dreams/memories, as well as what Peanut Cop later goes through. Roostre also has a Hand that was separated from him and his other arm was replaced by a hook.


Roostre being a medium-sized hillbilly that wears a grey shirt, brown shorts, has two arms, one five-fingered hand and the other having a brown topped grey hook, he has yellow hair that blows like the wind, a mouth, two eyebrows, black eyes with white circles in them and weirdly looking legs and feet.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Roostre has quite a friendly and inviting personality, making it easy to befriend townsfolk. Out of all his companions, the most notable characters are Mouse Fitzgerald and CJ Muff. After meeting Fitz, he began to inform him of all the strange occurrences of their universe, and the two eventually work to find the way out of their nonsensical world. As for Muff, not much is known about their friendship, but they seem to be quite close, despite CJ escaping the universe of Q109.


Roostre's enemies in the series are Shark, the RBM, Clock, and his human form, Sirus, and the Shadowy Figure. He interacts with Sirus in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme", to formulate a plan to take down Shyd Industries. The latter also reveals that he is CJ Muff.

Episode appearances[]


  • Apparently, Roostre lives alone in his corn-dog Farm in a small shack with a basement full of weapons, which he owns, having a campfire with corn-dogs as the wood burning and also he has a ability to play the guitar with his hook, meaning he is expert at it, and he even sung a song his love for guns in the twelfth episode.
    • Roostre also grows corn-dogs at his farm since he is a Corn-Dog farmer, also in the first episode of Season 3, his favorite foods are corn-dogs, jerky, mustard, corn and corndog jerky. He also seems to like to drink beer.
  • The letter Liquor got that was delivered to him that was for Roostre, which is from a person named Mosquitor. This person is obviously Rooatre's son.
  • The reason why Roostre's hand was separated to him is because some bitch took it off during the middle of the night, however, there are more reasons that remain unexplained since Roostre fated when CJ Muff in his orb form showed up and it was revealed that Spider was CJ Muff.
  • Roostre is named after a real-life male chicken called a Rooster, his name has the "r" and the "e" switched, however, its unknown what connection this has.
  • In the episode "Spharktasm", When Rhoda is sharing info about Roostre, a hellish version of him is shown with flames surrounding him.
    • Also Rhoda also seems to know who Roostre since Rhoda mentioned his name in the fourth episode.