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Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date October 30, 2005
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Rooster is the third episode of 12 Oz. Mouse. The episode aired on October 30, 2005.  


The episode starts off with Fitz lying in his bed, as he's having dreams about his past. He reminisces about his young daughter and wife. Though, the dream turns into a nightmare, as Fitz gets shot with a tranquilizer dart and a bizarre, shadowy figure appears. Fitz gets a helmet strapped to his head, which lights up and shakes his body. The helmet also makes him scream, possibly in pain. After this, Fitz wakes up to see that a mysterious clock is in his home. He hears a knock on the door, which turns out to be Skillet delivering Mouse a glowing corn dog. In the meantime, the Rectangular Businessman calls Shark at midnight. The square being suggests that they should have an important meeting. After this, the businessman boasts about his wealth. While Shark is still talking to him on the phone, the pink square walks into the room, as Shark asks him "How much does he know?" The screen cuts back to Fitz's house, as the corn dog starts to lead Mouse to a farm that is full of giant, freshly made corn dogs. Mouse drives his jet to the farm and arrives as the farmer is singing a song about his "big ol' fat corn dogs". Meanwhile, the Shark invites the Eye and the Man-Woman to his office so he can show them a slide show about aspirin. Back at the farm, we learn the farmer's name is Roostre and the corn dog Skillet gave Fitz was his "homing dog." Later, Fitz and Roostre have a couple beers while they talk around a campfire. Roostre talks about the No Eye Square Guy to Mouse and then Q109 and CJ Muff, though Fitz has no clue what he's talking about. In Rhoda's Bar, Man-Woman and The Rectangular Businessman are talking to each other, The Peanut Cop comes and the Woman wants to arrest the businessman because of Flirting with her as a man, the cop laughs and says "who knows who I am, here?, does anybody know who I am? because am under arrest", he then uses his gun and shoots his own police hat off. The Eye stays around with the shark. In the meantime, a floating umbrella named the New Guy captures Skillet and takes him to his mysterious building. After Skillet is kidnapped, Fitz hops inside of the jet to get him and go. Though, as he climbs into the jet, he doesn't find his chinchilla friend but a ton of mysterious papers instead. The screen cuts to the New Guy's Warehouse as we see the interior of the building. We see that Skillet is tied up and gagged while the New Guy plays a catchy lounge song and hula hoops. We also see many pictures of Skillet hung up on the walls. Skillet tries to back away but falls over while doing so. The New Guy approaches and starts to hula hoop on top of him. The episode ends with the New Guy's lounge song playing in the background as Skillet closes his eyes.  


Notes/Trivia: []

  • This episode is rated TV-14.
  • The first piece of dialogue between Roostre and Mouse was remixed and used in multiple commercials for the 12 Oz. Mouse DVD
  • The character, Roostre is named after a real-life male chicken called a Rooster, his name has the "r" and the "e" switched to each other. This episode uses the correct name "Rooster", though the animal's name is used instead.
  • In most of Fitz's dreams, a lot of weird stuff happens in these dreams;
    • One scene depicts some kind of portal opening and weird flashing effects and a creepy skull flashes on screen for a second while a Baby Mouse being held by a hand of the word "Doctor" and Mouse is seen saying "no way", and asks the doctor "Is she supposed to that small", possibly indicating that Mouse's Wife giving birth to a Baby Mouse.
    • The next scene then transitions to a large brief collection of shapes to Fitz and his family on the beach while Fitz laughs, a sandcastle and a bucket and a shovel are seen and there are Shark fins are in the water.
    • If you look closely the scene transitions to lasers, the bug with no eyes makes a small brief cameo in this with a large collection of colored shapes.
  • Fitz's ID Card with the word "federal" written in red capital letters on the side of the card, an unknown red symbol appears, and something saying "all access 97C", with Fitz's Image, name and species written on, his height and weight are both 109.
    • Also, the letter that Mouse reads "dear Mouse, [picture of an arrow] goodbye." on it. The letter also appears to have a clock for a stamp.
  • When Rectangular Businessman asks Shark if he got his signals, a brief scene of Man-Woman in the Diner in the daytime can be emitting the air horn noise is shown, this obviously references the previous episode "Signals", which debuts the diner and Man-Woman's air horn siren.
  • The bird that lands on Fitz's head has a robotic noise. It also appeared in a 12 Oz. Mouse commercial promo.
  • Over three different images show up in pictures of Shark's aspirin' slide-show.
  • This is the only episode of Season 1, where Rhoda makes no physical appearance.
    • Though, his bar does make an appearance.
  • Both "Signals" and this episode have the same sentence in the credits, After the credits, there is a sentence that reads "Mouse plays good guitars thanks to amplifiers in his basement".
    • Fitz's house is never seen with a basement, and he doesn't play any guitars until the next episode "Spider."
    • Like "Signals", a small scene plays at the end of the credits, as The Shadowy Figure is shown in the doorway onscreen for a couple seconds.
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  • While a close up of Roostre is shown playing his guitar, a small, curved line, that appears to be a line from his arm, is shown on his purple shirt. This could be an error, as his arm isn't even shown in the scene and the line appears for about a second.