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Rhoda's Bar is a tavern that is seen many times during 12 Oz. Mouse. The Bar is owned by a Bartender named Rhoda, the exterior that is rarely seen but it is located somewhere in the city. However, in the intro, instead of the bar just saying bar, it says "Rhoda's." The outside of the bar has a prop of an SXF Guy that was shot to death by Pronto's arrows. The bar is usually seen in every episode throughout the first season. The exterior of the bar is bland, with only the words "Bar" written on the white building. The Interior of the bar is bland, having a white background and counter-top. Fitz and Skillet regularly visit the bar and order 13 beers. On occasion, Golden Joe appears in the bar as well. After Rhoda was killed by the Rectangular Businessman in "Adventure Mouse", the tavern wasn't seen as much in the series. Other people seen in the bar are the Man-Woman, Peanut Cop, Eye, Shark, Rectangular Businessman, a Fire Breathing Snake, and presumably Pronto (though never seen onscreen).


Season 1:[]

The bar first appears in "Hired", as Fitz and Skillet order their usual 13 beers. Since they both robbed a bank before arriving at the tavern, Fitz attempts to make out with a woman which turns into a man and flies away, after signing into a microphone on a stage, Peanut Cop appears and questions the two. Though, since he is stoned, Peanut Cop doesn't care all that much. After the Cop laughs at Skillet's screeching noises, Mouse tells Peanut that Rhoda called him a "homo". Peanut Cop is angered by this, as the walks over to the counter-top and blasts Rhoda away with his gun.  

The bar's second appearance is in "Signals", where Golden Joe magically appears. Eventually, Fitz enters the building as he asks Joe for the "50 mil" he owes The Eye. Golden Joe hand over the money, forcing Mouse to pull out his gun and shoot at Joe. He eventually does give him the 50 million as a bag of money.

The bar makes a brief appearance in "Rooster", where the Man-Woman and The Rectangular Businessman in the bar, where they're visited by the peanut cop, the Man-Woman wants to arrest the pink square because of the flirting with her as a man. But the Cop only laughs and asks "who knows who I am, here?, does anybody know who I am? because am under arrest", he uses his gun, and shoots his police hat off. 

The bar is seen again in "Spider." At the beginning of the episode, Rhoda is seen telling the Eye about a letter from Roostre's son, that was accidentally given to Liquor. Later in the episode, Shark also appears in the bar, and is seen intimidating Rhoda, soon Golden Joe teleports into the room briefly only to see Shark and flee, Shark wants to talk about the Letter that Liquor got.  

At the end of "Rememorized", a dead Rhoda is seen on the bar's countertop. Fitz, Skillet, and Man-Woman enter the bar, as they see the corpse. The body is filled with arrows, as flies swarm and a large pool of blood surrounds the corpse.

At the beginning of "Spharktasm", Rhoda is seen entering the bar, taking away the corpse, as he claims it was "just a fake." Fitz kidnaps Rhoda and forces him to answer Fitz questions about the town, revealing secrets in the process. Eventually, Fitz gives Rhoda his phone number, as he tells him that if he sees the "no-eye square guy", he should call him. Near the end of the episode, the Rectangular Businessman enters the bar and sits down on a stool. Rhoda tries to contact Mouse using the tavern's phone. Though, Shark is on the other line, instead of Fitz.

In the seventh episode, "Adventure Mouse", the bar is seen again, as the Rectangular Businessman slices Rhoda in half by using his telekinetic powers, which reveals all his organs, including a fire breathing snake.  

Season 2:[]

In "Eighteen", Shark destroys the bar with a press of a button from his control room. The bar explodes, which causes the SXF guy's prop body to turn into a skeleton outside the tavern. The remains of the destroyed bar appears again on one of Sharks' monitors in "Pre-Reckoning."

Appearance List[]


  • In "Hired", it is shown that the bar has a stage where customers can perform. Although this part of the tavern in rarely shown aside from three 12 oz Mouse promos, and a brief appearance on a monitor in the sixth episode.
    • The exterior of the bar is rarely shown in the series.
  • Rooster is the only episode to feature Rhoda's bar, where Rhoda is not seen anywhere in the episode.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]