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Rhoda is a Hermaphrodite bartender that works at the bar in the cardboard city, whose gender is completely unknown. Rhoda is referred to as he and she. He has only one eye and (S)he is a bartender who serves Fitz and Skillet twelve beers at once, Rhoda appears to be a friend to Fitz, but is terrified and intimidated by Shark. Rhoda also believes that Rectangular Businessman and Roostre are the true evils in their society.

He eventually closed down his bar and later on in the finale of the first season, Shark contacts Rhoda and implies he knows everything about his/her meeting with Fitz. Rectangular Businessman telepathically slices Rhoda in half, and his/her innards spill out. A fire-breathing snake is revealed and emerges from the entrails and slithers away. He was last seen trapped in a glass coffin along with Liquor and Bug, used to feed the core, for anybody to live.


Rhoda looks like a human head, he is shaped as large oval, he is colored in some time of green, he has a black piece of hair, a black mustache, a little ear, a circle eye, a mouth, two stick-finger arms and has three-fingered hands and they are colored red.


Friends & Alliances[]

Rhoda mostly allied with Fitz in the first season with exception of the sixth episode, serving him 12 to 13 ounces of beer any-time he went to his bar along with Skillet sometimes. He is shown to be a big fan of Golden Joe when he teleported to his bar. He also knows about other people such as Roostre and Liquor in their society knowing everything about the world.


Rhoda seems to not like Shark due to him being initiating him which is seen once, the Rectangular Businessman is another one of his enemies, also he was heavily responsible for the death of the bartender, by slicing him in half and knowing he got information on Fitz.

Episode Appearances[]

Rhoda is trapped inside a glass coffin.


  • Rhoda was sketched on the back of a script for Perfect Hair Forever, another Adult Swim show. When the character was scanned into a computer, the text from the other side of the script leaked through. Though, Matt Maiellaro didn't care, due to the show's quality being horrible. This is why in every one of Rhoda's appearances, you can faintly see words on him.
  • It is possible that Rhoda may be a hermaphrodite. Rhoda has a female name and many characters refer to Rhoda using male and female pronouns.
  • Rhoda seems to be a big fan of Golden Joe a lot shown in the second episode.
  • Rhoda only appears in Season 1, due to him being killed off in "Adventure Mouse", though he returns in "Invictus" and the first two episodes of the third season.
  • His bar was later blown up and demolished by Shark with a press of a button in "Eighteen", while the SFX Guy's prop is also blown up and turned into a skeleton.
  • Its possible both Rhoda and Liquor escape those glass coffins offscreen when they were destroyed as the bug was seen outside of its coffin in "Adrift" and the destroyed coffins were seen in the episodes "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme."