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Season 3, Episode 7
2020-07-28 20 55 01-Fitz Remembers - S3 EP6 - 12oz Mouse.png
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Reveal is the 28th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. It is the seventh episode of Season 3, and aired on July 28th, 2020.


Sirus, the Architect for the Box of Worlds, breaks ranks with Clock. Aria and Eyeball use a serum to kickstart Mouse’s memory and he remembers working with them and helping to create the Box of Worlds. Wilx traps them in a laser cage and escapes, so he alone can escape the Box.


Main Characters:[]

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  • Not counting a cameo in "Invictus", The Shadowy Figure finally makes an appearance since "Prolegomenon", and he isn't in his liquid form.
  • Sirus confirms Mouse has been out of cardboard city, and "most of his friends found a way out as well", as shown in "Invictus."
    • He also wants to find Mouse, since he has found Ara, but Aria is been jamming the signals, which his own signal is not signaling.
  • Sirus refers describes a certain character as "The man with the hook gave him a doorknob".
  • Dramatic music plays to Sirus, and the pans closer to him.
  • According Sirus, he made and designed the simulation program to be a "escape proof", so nobody will get out alive, including Professor Wilx, since The Architect designed a revolving lock system.
    • The Green-Sweatered Woman is shown to work for Sirus, trying to word hard to trace Mouse.
  • Sirus claimed that he is going to head to his mother's house for dinner, which is oddly mentioned by him.
    • He also tells The Shadowy Figure what he is doing for the holidays.
  • This episode reveals that the The Shadowy Figure, Clock and Industry Man are all aspects of the same being who controls Shyd Industries.
    • The Industry Man also shows himself in the mirror of his reflection, and also shown to look like a shadowy version of himself.
  • The Industry Man mentions "sound effects", and the sounds of "clanging" are heard.
  • In a scene, the screen is covered black, the New Guy is floating, a closeup of another New Guy is seen, and Skillet is heard screening. Multiple colored Skillets are also seen, including a closeup of him.
  • Aria has a needle with green liquid inside, which she uses for Fitz to remember.
    • After sticking the needle into Fitz's body, the next scene has Fitz's face in closeup to his body disappears, while his eye moves away to a blank screen.
  • The fused-Shark and the Rectangular Businessman are still stunk in the office in Q109, and slowly moving to the door.
  • The front view of the office door is shown, when Shark explains to look at the door for the RBM.
    • Shark claimed it is the "door to freedom", and the RBM asks him "how much is freedom worth?", and claims that freedom always comes with a price tag, even claiming that Shark is poor.
  • The Eye is shown to hold three bottles of beer by floating, since he has no hands.
  • It is mentioned that there are over 222 Artificial Worlds in the simulation "to be a exact", according to Aria.
    • Fitz mentions "The Project", Aria mentions his concept, and all of it was his, brought to fruition.
    • The reason why everyone is in it is because they knew about it.
  • A scene where the Industry Man is talking in his office taken from "First 12", when Fitz mentions the "weird guy", and his mouth making the clicked his tongue all of the time, saying "clickity, clickity, click, click, click, click" in the scene.
    • The Eye mentions says "Click clock" on repeat.
  • Aria also mentions that there are doors to other places, but Fitz claimed that there is only one door to get out, which is correct, and Aria claims the door "out", "should be within the integers." Which divide the number of total worlds.
  • The worlds mentions that Fitz and Aria have to find are worlds one, two, three, six, thirty-seven, seventy-four, one-hundred and eleven, and two-hundred and twenty-two, which Fitz mentions that he took math to, plus two.
  • Professor Wilx mentions "one, two, three, A.,B.,C." as a song with music playing, and then says "mama spell cup."
  • The red shard that splits into eight individual shards that forms a cage to trap Fitz, Aria and The Eye is animated third-dimensionally.
  • Wilx mentions that he wants to get out, and have some fun, since he doesn't have to ask permission from Aria, since she isn't his mother. Also, he helped The Architect., which he thinks he remembered that, and has no idea the timing of the lock.
  • At the end of the episode, Golden Joe and Peanut are riding jet-skis in the ocean, but they are unable to escape to space from a force, and Sirus summons a "drain block 38", as the ocean's water starts drained, and the episode ends with Sirus looking at Lotharganin, and claiming "I know you're in there", right before the credits.


  • When Professor Wilx tells that nobody is getting out of the simulation, and traps Fitz, Aria, and Eye in a laser cage from a red shard, the Eye's mouth is missing in these scenes.