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The Rectangular Businessman, also known as The No-Eyed Square Guy, is an arrogant pink square with wears thick rounded spectacles but has no eyes who claims to be an affluent businessman and continually references his enormous wealth, and one of the main antagonists of 12 Oz. Mouse along with Shark. Although partners, there seems to be a rivalry between Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, both imposing on the other on several occasions. Despite his arrogance, the Rectangular Businessman has taken orders from Shark, albeit begrudgingly. Rectangle Businessman reappeared not long afterward, this time in league with Shark against Fitz, Shark revealed in "Meat Warrior" that they used to get along, but is not sure what happened to their friendship. In "Farewell," after Shark's death, Rectangular Businessman claims that "Shark was just a pawn."


The Rectangular Businessman is a pink rectangle/square, He wears blue thick, rounded spectacles but he has no eyes making him an eyeless pink square with a mouth.


Alliances & Friendships[]

The Rectangular Business has quite a snobby attitude and thinks of himself very highly, constantly insulting other people and putting them down. Despite teaming up with Shark, the two often bicker and pick fights, usually started by the uptight businessman. It is unknown whether the square being has further befriended any other creatures, as he mocks everyone equally. The only character considered to be his "friend" is Shark, although they both share a mutual hatred for one another.


Rather than make friends, he taunts the townsfolk of Q109 and speaks in a monotone voice, having no inflection. The square businessman argues with bartenders such as Liquor and Rhoda, both who make small talk, with other characters such as the Man-Woman asking questions that discourage the businessman.

Powers & Abilities[]

Unlike most of the characters, the Rectangular Businessman may possibly have telekinetic powers and is able to use his mind to kill, and has used it for a number of activities such as when he telepathically split open the head of Rhoda, slicing his head in half and revealing a fire-breathing snake inside and also to the annoying Green-Sweatered Woman which makes him telepathically rip her in half. The square is a pink colored man that can stop a bullet with his telekinetic powers. He has also been seen teleporting a television and transforming the Shadowy Figure into a dark liquid substance.

Episode appearances[]


  • The Rectangular Businessman is also sometimes called ''square businessman'', even Rhoda in the episode "Spharktasm" calls him by name when he was in Rhoda's Bar.
  • Despite being a pink male square, he refers to himself as a woman in "Rooster".
  • Kurt Soccolich, the voice actor for The Rectangular Businessman, was chosen by Matt Maiellaro to voice Rectangular Businessman, who "already had that sort of smooth arrogance in his voice", making him a "perfect" fit for him.