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Pronto's Home is a minor location in 12 Oz. Mouse. As the name implies, this place is the home of Pronto. It is a white room that is implied to be a condo, which was mentioned by Shark in the episode "Rememorized", that has arrows.

The interior of this location has only appeared in the episodes "Spider", and "Spharktasm." Pronto took a shower here in the former episode, and in the latter episode, the home was only visible on a monitor.


The interior is colored white and is completely empty, saved for furniture like a carpet saying Pronto's name, a door with a single circle which could be the entrance to the place, a weird head, a chair, arrow picture, a lamp, a television, a picture of a person getting killed by a arrow, a picture of his shower, five arrows hang on the wall, a bow and arrow, a kit and at the end of the room, a shower stall is also visible.


  • It's unknown where his home or condo is located at.
  • This home doesn't appear anywhere in second season or The City.