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Pronto is a supporting antagonist in 12 oz. Mouse. He is claimed be an archerist, what he looks like is a short, crudely drawn man with no torso. He is an agent employed by Shark and Rectangular Businessman to hunt down and kill Mouse Fitzgerald. According to Shark, Pronto lives in a condo which is seen briefly in the fourth episode. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrows, and he is an expert "archerist" as Shark once called him. It is believed that he is the one responsible for the killings of several characters in the city, including a prop of a special effects expert outside Rhoda's Bar and other random people in "Signals" and a fake metal dummy of Rhoda in "Rememorized". He is currently dead after he got eaten by Amalockh, who he summoned out of the Graveyard after stealing Shark's Animal Chain.


Pronto is a short, crudely drawn man with no torso, he has a mouth with 2 sharp fangs, his eyes are two black lines, he is colored white and his arms are colored blue, while his fingers are some type of green.


Pronto equipped with a large, arrow-shooting gun

Alliances & Friendships[]

Pronto only alliances are with Shark and Rectangular Businessmen in order to kill Mouse Fitzgerald.


Pronto's main goal to kill Shark's main enemy Mouse Fitzgerald and hunt down with the orders of Shark. He also shown to shoot random citizens on the streets with his arrows. He also dislikes the Hand considering he had to chase the Hand and shoots arrows at it as he had to hunt him down. He also was the one who summoned Amalockh out of his grave.


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  • It could be assumed that Pronto is a bounty hunter, since he was hired to hunt down Mouse and other characters.
  • His name means the words promptly and quickly, as he is a very fast character and every time he moves he actually rolls around like a ball in a very fast manner.
  • Pronto has never spoken at all in all of his appearances in the series like many such as Skillet.