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Season 2, Episode 13
12 oz mouse prolegomeneon .png
Air date December 17, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Prolegomenon is the 20th episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. This is the last episode of Season 2. It aired on December 17, 2006.


Fitz drops Skillet's flying gear on the ground and wanders into a burning diner. Once he enters the building, Fitz hears a strange electronic noise, while a missile destroys a nearby car, and has to dive out of sight as a group of tie-bots fly by. When the coast is clear he spots a red-glowing pinball machine and starts to play. The pinball machine's bumpers are covered in cryptic red symbols. Soon after he starts playing, a pink cloud descends from the sky outside and flashes brightly, causing the wrecked diner to return to pristine condition. The pink orb introduces herself as Archeus. Fitz greets her and tells the glowing orb that he can't understand the symbols plastered on the pinball machine. Archeus tells him he'll be able to read them, if he gives up the fight for "everything." Fitz says that she doesn't make sense, and Archeus responds "No one understands this." She tells him that his wife and child are alive, but they need his help and warns, "Don't believe what you haven't been shown." She tells him that "the square guy can afford technology to away the mind." Archeus insists that Fitz should look at her, but he tells her to leave. She says "Skillet needs you--" Then a tiny ball containing Skillet's image rises out of the pinball machine and floats in the air.

The screen then flies past many planets and stars in space and zooms into Earth to a forest in Georgia. Within the forest, on a tiny particle in the cap of mushroom, we are shown a four-story, weapon-guarded building. Once the interior of the building is shown, a purple man and a pink man are seen, both wearing glasses and business suits, conversing over an unconscious Fitz. The Mouse's head is shown to be attached to a giant brown machine, through which he is breathing. The purple man, who speaks in Shark's voice, asks the pink man, who speaks in Rectangular Businessman's voice, if he's prepared for the possibility that Fitz may awaken. They mention how they – as Shark and Rectangular Businessman – have been killed. The pink man tells the purple man that "money solves everything." The purple man says "that's great, but the rodent is still alive", referring to a liquid-filled tube in which Skillet floats. A man who speaks in the voice of the Eye is attached to another giant machine, with each of his eyes individually connected to the machine by tubes. The pink man tells the nurse (who speaks in the voice of Green-Sweatered-Woman) to give the mouse 1200 CC's of "steribolium." The nurse says that will kill him, but the pink man insists on her carrying out his orders. The pink man notes to the purple man that "she's there," referring to Archeus. The purple man says that's impossible because "we blew up the whole ship with my cool bombs." The pink man responds, "you can destroy the flesh, but you cannot destroy the faith." The purple man rants that he won't be taken down by religion, while the pink man says his god is his money. "I will not be responsible for an entire nation," the purple man states. "I can't, legally." The pink man says that the power of Archeus is drawing Fitz out. In another room, the nurse draws a gun and talks to a blue man, who speaks in the voice of Peanut Cop, telling him "Archeus lives in the stream." After this, the two of them shoot and kill the purple man. The pink man stops a bullet with his telekinetic powers, but the blue man appears behind him and shoots him in the back of the head. The nurse then turns to the blue man saying, "contact the new angel and tell her to come for us. Tell her it's time."

After this, we see the Clock on the wall of the diner, as its minute hand moves to 2:23. Peanut Cop and Golden Joe are standing over Fitz, who has just woken up, asking him to go get a sandwich. After realizing that the time has changed, Fitz is surprised by Skillet, who jumps through the diner window and lands on top of him. Everyone walks outside, and Archeus departs, saying, "Believe in it, Fitz. We believe in you." Fitz tells Archeus, "I will." Golden Joe is confused by what Fitz said, and he and Peanut Cop say that they thought "this was finished." Fitz says he did too, "but I guess we're not." Fitz, Skillet, Golden Joe, and Peanut Cop walk down the street of the now-restored town, and above them the sun sets in a real sky. Elsewhere, after the credits, a glass jar falls out of the sky and breaks on the street. The Shadowy Figure emerges from it in liquid form, and hops away.



  • This episode is rated TV-14-LV.
  • This is the very first episode to reveal that the world of 12 Oz. Mouse actually takes place in a simulation called Q109. Human forms of Shark, the Rectangular Businessman, Peanut Cop, the Green Sweatered Woman and the Eye are also revealed.
    • The concept of the Q109 Simulation is also similar to the simulated realty in the Matrix franchise.
  • Among of the Planets briefly shown in space, two of them respectively resemble a Pokéball from the Pokémon series, and a Darth Star from Star Wars.
  • While the city got fully restored, it's unknown what happened to many characters such as Rhoda, Liquor, the Eye (regular), the Human Citizens, the New Guy, the Producer Man, Man-Woman, the Cyber Green Sweatered Woman and Roostre, Hand, Corn-Droid, Amalockh, and the Hovervacs. Some of them have previously died.
    • Although (minus the latter four above) most of these characters do end up reappearing in "Invictus" (some of them), and in the third season, with most of their fates revealed.
    • Although Amalockh did made a brief appearance in a flashback in "Invictus", and the Corn-Droid was mentioned by Golden Joe in the same special.
    • The Hand and the Hovervacs also respectively appeared in "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control", while the latter appeared in a commercial in "Here We Come", and the former made a cameo in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme", in a flashback from the episode "Surgery Circus."
  • The music heard at the end of the episode is known as "The Vision” by Ian Boddy, this music was also played in another Adult Swim show known as Off The Air in the episode called "Falling."
  • The episode's credits weren't shown when the episode was originally aired. These credits were later added to the next rerun of the episode. The sound of the ending theme for the credits also changes for the episode.
  • A secret message is seen at the end of the credits that reads: "Skillet Eats Extra Yummy Otter Uvula Over Nutmeg Tossed Huevos Especial With Every Breakfast." When reading the first letter of each word together, a secret message appears: "SEE YOU ON THE WEB", referring to the 12 Oz. Mouse webisode, the only known webisode of the series.
  • When this episode aired on April Fools Day 2017, the speech of Archeus was altered, and simply spoke English instead.
  • A prolegomenon is defined as "a critical or discursive introduction to a book."



  • Archeus: "What are you doing, Fitz?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Playing pinball. What's it look like? How did you know my name?".
  • Archeus: "We all know your name."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Then who are you?".
  • Archeus: "I am Archeus."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Well. Arch-ayus."
  • Archeus: "Archeus."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Arkay-us."
  • Archeus: "Archeus."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Ar-chee-us."
  • Archeus: "Archeus!!!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Whatever. I guess it's super nice to meet you--."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You ever seen this machine?".
  • Archeus: "Yes."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Well, I haven't. Can't read anything written on it. It's like it's not even words. It's like it's unwords."
  • Archeus: "If you give up....You will be able to read it."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Give what up?".
  • Archeus: "The fight."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "The fight for...for what?".
  • Archeus: "Everything."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Which one of everything?".
  • Archeus: "Most of it."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Alright, look here, lady. I'm really into this game a lot, and I don't need you flapping off saying thing I don't comprende."
  • Archeus: "No one understand this. No one cares. It isn't funny, except to you, maybe."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You think losing my life, and my family is funny?".
  • Archeus: "Your wife and child are alive, but they need your help."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I don't believe you."
  • Archeus: "Don't believe what you haven't been shown. The square guy can afford technology to away the mind."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What do you mean? What's square about him?".
  • Archeus: "He's doing it even now..."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I'm about to win a free ball."
  • Archeus: "Look at me."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Come on, jack."
  • Archeus: "I have only a little time, only----."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Scram, board."
  • Archeus: "Skillet needs you---."
  • Human Shark: "He's coming too. So, maybe we could address that."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "Uhh. This isn't happening."
  • Human Shark: "But if it does happen, what'll happen? You have a plan for that?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "You know, he already shot your head off. What do you care?".
  • Human Shark: "But he blew you up in your ship. So, what do you care I care?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "I can fix all of this, since it didn't really happen.
  • Human Shark: "Let's hope we don't have to.
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "You know, money takes care of everything. It's taken care of me. For quite a while."
  • Human Shark: "Um, that's great, but the rodent is still alive."
  • Human Eye: "I'm tired of this. Can I leave now?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "I see what you mean? Nurse, give the Mouse 1,200 CCs of steribolium."
  • Nurse: "Sir, that will kill him."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "If I wanted your opinion, I'd ask your boss."
  • Nurse: "Sir?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "And that's me."
  • Nurse: "Sir, that will kill him."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "So, bust a move, Nurse. Today."
  • Human Shark: "What are you doing?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "She's there."
  • Human Shark: "Archeus. No it's impossible. We blew up the whole ship with my cool bombs. TCH. Remember?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "You can destroy the flesh but you cannot destroy the faith."
  • Human Shark: "Yeah, fothermuckin' religion isn't gonna take me down."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "What do you have to turn to?".
  • Human Shark: "Don't...ask me that, ever."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "My god is my money."
  • Human Shark: "Well, then, tell your money to fix this. It's becoming extremely unstable."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "What you could possibly have to lose?".
  • Human Shark: "I will not be responsible for an entire nation. I can't...legally."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "Where's that nurse?"
  • Human Cop: "Whoa. Stop. Is that a surgical thing going? On?".
  • Nurse: "Archeus lives in the stream."
  • Human Cop: "Uhh. Hold on. Let me get my head around this. Um...Let's do it to it."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "The power of Archeus is drawing him out."
  • Human Shark: "Mmm. Where--where's your dead nurse? What happened to her?".
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "Nurse?".
  • Human Shark: "Mmm. Great. We were just talking about you."
  • Nurse: "Here's your 1,200 CCs."
  • Human Rectangular Businessman: "I sure hope those are sterile."
  • Human Cop: "Beep. What?".
  • Nurse: "Is he still alive?".
  • Human Cop: "I'm not a doctor?".
  • Nurse: "Is he still alive?".
  • Human Cop: "Ohh. I can't tell. All this beeping and blipping. Uhh."
  • Nurse: "Let's hope he is, contract the new angel. Tell her to come for us."
  • Human Cop: "Ah, this beeping and blipping is going to be...ohh nuts.
  • Nurse: "Tell her it's time."
  • Peanut Cop: "Dude. What? Dude."
  • Golden Joe: "Shamungis brohow?".
  • Peanut Cop: "What's going on? You order a sandwich or something?".
  • Golden Joe: "Yeah, man, I want a sandwich, bologna, ham, pastrami. Salami."
  • Peanut Cop: "Oh, 'cause I am starving."
  • Golden Joe: "Get it on here, man."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Oh, man. Where, uh...wait a minute. What time is it?">
  • Peanut Cop: "Ah, let's see, uh...oh. Ahh. Let me look at my watch that I don't have. I'm not a doctor."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Look...at that. It's 2:23."
  • Golden Joe: "2:20-what? Well, beat my meat to the song street! I got's to get my ass out of here before I get snowed in."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Whoa, buddy. I thought--I thought you were--."
  • Peanut Cop: "Fork in us? Dude."
  • Archeus: "Believe in it Fitz. We believe in you."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I will."
  • Golden Joe: "You will what? Damn dizzle. One second it's tight wrap on fire, and the next it's puffy city. What gives?".
  • Peanut Cop: "Yeah, dude. I thought we were wrapping this up."
  • Golden Joe: "Yeah, man, I thought this was finished, man. I thought this was done."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Yeah, I thought so, too. I guess we're not. So..."
  • Peanut Cop: "Let's go for a walk."
  • Peanut Cop: "I'm so sad."
  • Golden Joe: "Man, I'm tired of this place. I'm done. I don't care if we wrapped. I'm wrapped. I know I ain't gotta go hom, but I know I got's to get the hell out of here."
  • Peanut Cop: "Oh, if I could stop laughing, I'd cry."