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Prime Time Nursery Rhyme
Season 3, Episode 8
Prime Time Nursery Prime.jpg
Air date July 29th, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Prime Time Nursery Rhyme is the 29th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. It is the eighth episode of Season 3, and aired on July 29th, 2020.


Mouse realizes the Box of Worlds has been stolen and is now unstable just as Peanut Cop and Golden Joe come to their rescue. Rooster meets with Sirus and formulates a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • The Kid
  • Kiki (Stephanie Lennox)
  • Shark (Ned Hastings) (fused into the Rectangular Businessman, and human form seen in flashback)
  • Rectangular Businessman (Kurt Soccolich) (fused into Shark, regular and human forms seen in flashbacks)



  • Roostre mentioned the name of this episode previously in "Because They Could".
  • This episode confirms that Aria thought Professor Wilx was a trusted colleague, but had no idea he had ulterior motives, the only time is Clock, Wilx has overloaded a reactor (which the laboratory has a alert flashing red and yellow), which makes goo, but not pizza, which Fitz was hoping for, which obviously references the pizza he ordered, and the Pepperoni Wave that happened in "Invictus", and The Eye mentions "pep-eye-ron-eye." Roostre can never his life back, who is on Sirus' side, and Roostre is revealed to be C.J. Muff from Q109, which is confirmed by Sirus. The Project is also currently dying.
    • When Roostre is revealed to be CJ Muff, Sirus claimed that who was the prodigy engineer who knew how to reoscillate sound waves to make time stand still, Roostre actually knows this, and Sirus claimed it made everything in the Project successful, however, Clock (who is the Industry Man) stole the project and the box is currently at the Man-Woman's House. Also without the core, everything is over, and claims that "there will be no saving anyone."
    • Sirus claims he is on a limited schedule, and he is being watched every second.
    • Professor Wilx can escape to Outer Earth using powers, and has abilities related to his hair.
  • The two robots seen in "First 12", who can't destroy the laser cage which are burning at this time.
  • A kill switch is shown on one of the monitors of the Mysterious Laboratory, above a space monitor, a arrow pointing down also appears on the monitor.
    • A few other monitors are shown, while one of them has a circle of stars in the sky.
  • Flashbacks from "Prolegomenon", "Signals", "Rooster", "Spharktasm", "Booger Haze", "Enjoy The Arm", "Meat Warrior" and "Farewell" are shown in this episode.
  • In one scene, the Clock is shown with a deep voice heard saying "wanted to see if I could find a way out".
  • All of the ocean water that drained in the last episode came out of a portal.
  • When Golden Joe and Peanut splash out water that they previously came out of, they were given new animations for it.
  • Peanut is shown have a orange starfish and green seaweed on his head when he escapes the water.
    • He also retains back his old police hat, and later on, he is smoking tobacco.
    • Also the jet skis' disappear.
  • Sirus has a teleporter that can teleport Roostre to The Architect's room, and claims "extract subject."
    • He also watches Roostre sleep from a camera screen, he calls it a sand funnel on 39.
  • Sirus mentions to Roostre "how did you escape the web?", most likely referring to the Spider web he was trapped in "Awaken" mentioning he ate it for dinner.
  • Roostre mentions to Sirus how he can fry up a mean turducken.
  • Kiki is shown riding on the jet ski from "Because They Could" from the jet ski display, and rapping on it, singing "smokin' it up!" Once, Wilx appears on the streets of the futuristic city, Kiki does a long rap to him, and runs over him, which kills Wilx and Kiki drives away, making him splatter into purple liquid, leaving nothing but his head, and the said liquid.
    • In Kiki's rap, she mentions "a cow laying down ready to accept it."
  • This episode is last episode of the third season where the New Guy makes an appearance.
    • Technically, Industry Man is scene using New Guy as a umbrella floating down to Wilx's head to tell him that he needs a makeover, and tells him other stuff, and the New Guy is last seen floating offscreen.
  • Golden Joe claims that he is allergic to radiation, when chatting with Fitz, who is in the laser cage, Peanut Cop ends stopping the nuclear meltdown in the next episode, after all he has been through with Fitz and his friends, which all he has in the world, to have it end this way.
    • He also mentions when nobody is around, he would miss each and everyone, to the point of tears, which he ain't lying to say that way, he emotes significantly, even if radiation kills him, in order to save Fitz and co.
  • Golden Joe claims "just touch it once and you look like a damn burnt raisin."
  • The glass coffins that previously had Rhoda, Liquor and The Bug inside them are shown to be broken when Shark and the Rectangular Businessman go near them. Its possible that Rhoda and Liquor escaped, and this could explain why the Bug is seen outside his of this coffin in "Adrift".
  • The RBM mentions Yawnfest 2000.
  • The silhouettes of Skillet and Buzby are seen staring at Shark fused with the RBM at the end of the episode.
  • Paul Painter is credited in this episode, despite not voicing Buzby.