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Season 2, Episode 11
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Air date December 3, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Pre-Reckoning is the eighteenth episode of 12 Oz. Mouse. The episode aired on December 3, 2006.  


Fitz, Skillet, Liquor, Cyber-Green-Sweatered-Woman, and the Producer Man descend the sewer system's ladder to reach Roostre, as Fitz worries about his friends in the burning city above. Liquor explains to him that they've probably all been eaten by now, stating that "it" reads "...and the shark shall eat every creature that is friends of the green one." As Liquor, Roostre, and Fitz are talking, Liquor states that the language is "giving out" and the three of them begin speaking in jumbled, nonsensical sentences. Peanut Cop flies out of the Shadowy Figure's van onto the street when it comes to a stop, and he too begins speaking in jumbled phrases. Shark soon reveals that gas is being pumped into the city which causes an inability to communicate. The Eye and Shark discuss the fact that time in the city is frozen at 2:22, and that the Eye was waiting for his dad to pick him up at school when it froze. The Clock tells Shark that it has run out of the gas. The hovervacs and tie-bots wreak havoc on the city, killing people and destroying vehicles, buildings, sex dolls and other property. Peanut Cop enters the Tempus Putkhe Clock Shop while Amalockh spits out Pronto's burning remains and plucks a flower from the ground in the graveyard. Shark watches Amalockh on his video monitor, and states that "if that flower reaches the right person we're all dead, and that will be a great disappointment to me and all that me has become." Fitz, Skillet, and Cyber-Green-Sweatered Woman fight off the hovervacs and tie-bots until they reach the safety of the Clock Shop's backroom. Inside, Peanut Cop hands Fitz a mask, which allows them to breathe "anti-anti-language gas" which Peanut Cop claims he made from propane. As the tie-bots attempt to break into the room, Peanut Cop throws a functional clock out the door, causing several tie-bots to explode. A Hovervac quickly smashes the clock, and the tie-bots proceed to break down the door. However, Fitz, Skillet, Cyber-Green-Sweatered-Woman, and Peanut Cop have escaped through an air vent in the ceiling by the time they enter. Meanwhile, in the sewer system, Spider kills the Producer Man to get the Hand out, and Liquor karate chops off Roostre's hook and replaces it with The Hand so that he can activate Corn-Droid. Corn-Droid comes to life and unveils a plethora of guns which extend from a hole in its stomach.



  • On Adult Swim's website, a fake description of this episode can be shown. The text says "Rooster finds $65,000 in a brown paper sack in an alley from a botched robbery at Rhoda's. He wants to keep the money, but Liquor talks him into returning it."
  • This was originally rated TV-14 V, however, it was re-rated TV-MA, most likely due to all of the episode's violence, however, now its been re-rated back to it's original rating TV-14, however, it is still rated TV-MA on Adult Swim's website, even if the TV-14 rating being placed onto the episode, and has the same rating on HBO Max.
  • This one of the few episodes in the series where the Rectangular Businessman doesn't appear in.
  • Like the previous episode, the music Ghost Games, by the artist Wayne Coster, ASCAP, can be heard throughout this episode.
  • The tornado sirens from the episode "Corndog Chronicles" are heard again, when the Hovervacs and Bow-Tie Bots wreck havoc in the city.
  • This is the only appearance of the Sex Doll in Season 2. This is the first episode since "Spharktasm" where the Sex Doll appears, which were from a porno truck.
  • The white doves from the action scene in "Meat Warrior", make a return for another action scene in this episode.
  • If you look closely when Spider killed the Producer Man and his brain is exposed while they stand next to Liquor, you can see a objects in green sewers water like a floating dead brown rat, a bone and a Thermometer.
  • The Producer Man's dead body is located in the middle of the power button, Corn-Droid and ladder in this episode. His dead body disappears in the next episode "Farewell."
  • After the credits, there is a decoded secret message that reads, "who finances your illicit now?" and a robot tie-bot appears to be dancing with a Sex Doll, which the robot cuts off the Sex Doll's head, which then explodes.



  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Liquor: "There he goes."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "There who goes?"
  • Liquor: "He. Shark. He was blowing everything up."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Why would he--blow everything up?".
  • Liquor: "Third London fire. Flames, hot heaty hot. You know. Fire."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What about my friends?, They're out there."
  • Liquor: "Oh, those guys?, He's probably eaten them all by now."
  • Liquor: "It reads, And the Shark shall eat every creature that is friends of the green one. But's there's Emlach. He's a mean bitch."
  • Roostre: "Hey!, who's up there?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What else does it read?".
  • Liquor: "I'll tell you, but we have to get hand brain to Rooster, or we may never have a chance."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Roostre: "Well, if it ain't the motley mots."
  • Liquor: "What's up, Rooster?"
  • Roostre: "I remember you. You hit me in the head."
  • Liquor: "Yeah, but you know, I had a reason."
  • Roostre: "Uh, which one?"
  • Liquor: "This here. This here one."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Roostre: "What the hell is this shibullet?"
  • Liquor: "Hmm, lose something?"
  • Roostre: "Hey, man, those are my X-rays."
  • Liquor: "No, not your X-rays. Look."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Producer Man: "Beep. Beep bop."
  • Roostre: "Those are my X-rays."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What's wrong with him?"
  • Liquor: "It's the language. It's giving out, and for reasons sooner on him for today."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Linguist, and I will hold the other."
  • Liquor: "Ogle ub renug daging?"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Nit europict."
  • Roostre: "Road up mees artola."
  • Liquor: "Nud majstam. Nud majstam!"
  • Peanut Cop: "Ow. dude."
  • Peanut Cop: "You, my friend, have a totally cool car."
  • Peanut Cop: "But you don't have a stereo. You know, when that "Bump" thumps."
  • Peanut Cop: "What am I for here now? What did I talk? What here f--for now am I?"
  • Peanut Cop: "What--ha, ha! What here-here for now for what to?".
  • Peanut Cop: "Uncool."
  • Peanut Cop: "No one."
  • Peanut Cop: "Uncool."
  • Peanut Cop: "No one."
  • Peanut Cop: "Nobody."
  • Peanut Cop: "Uncool."
  • Peanut Cop: "Nobody controls me. Yeah."
  • Shark: "One of the worst things that could possibly ever happen to someone is the inability to communicate."
  • Golden Joe: "I don't want to die!, I don't want to die, man!"
  • Golden Joe: "Oh!, oh!, help me. Help me God. Help me."
  • Eye: "I think that's mean."
  • Shark: "Well, I think it's very funny. See that guy?".
  • Shark: "He's a Teddy bear, but they won't ever know it."
  • Shark: "We have the time under control, don't we?".
  • Eye: "He always has the same time."
  • Shark: "When it stands that's still, then yes, it's exactly the same."
  • Eye: "What if it were to move?".
  • Shark: "What if what moves, you sack?"
  • Eye: "What if it becomes 2:23?".
  • Eye: "What if the time changes?".
  • Shark: "How much would you give to control a lifetime of time in a frozen segment of timelessness?".
  • Shark: "Trillions of molecules making up life forms in space."
  • Eye: "I miss my dad. He was coming to pick me up at school."
  • Shark: "You have no idea how long you've been here. Your dad is long gone by now."
  • Eye: "Not if time stands still. If time stands still, then I am still in line waiting for him to pick me up."
  • Eye: "I have a lot of homework due the next day."
  • Shark: "Not if I can help it."
  • Shark: "What do you mean, you're out of the gas?, Well, I have armies coming, so this is uncool."
  • Shark: "Let's figure it out."
  • Peanut Cop: "Clock shop."
  • Peanut Cop: "That was easy."
  • Peanut Cop: "I wonder what time it is. I think it's beer time."
  • Peanut Cop: "That's the one, me thinks."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Will you...take care...of this..."
  • Liquor: "Where...are...you...going?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "To save...my friends."
  • Liquor: "They're probably...dead...by now."
  • Shark: "If that flower reaches the right person, we're all dead, and that'll be a great disappointment to me, and all that me has become."
  • Shark: "Us. I know it's us, and that's what I meant to say."
  • Shark: "You know I meant to say that. You always know what I mean to say. You say it."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Nerg optim zopt rem."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Doge be oche."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Nome inyay."
  • Peanut Cop: "Get in here dudes. Ha, ha, ha!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Codo metzing."
  • Peanut Cop: "Whoa, bro. Put these on. Ha, ha, ha!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What is this?".
  • Peanut Cop: "It's anti-anti-language gas. I made it from...Propane."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Well, we need to kill that Shark."
  • Peanut Cop: "Right now, bro? It's pretty good gas!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "They're gonna find a way in."
  • Peanut Cop: "We're safe in here. Totally safe."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Not with those things outside. Air vent."
  • Peanut Cop: "Wait, this will help."
  • Peanut Cop: "They hate that, but I love it."
  • Liquor: "Oh, go on. You probably haven't had a good meal in who knows how long."
  • Liquor: "Now, those are some good juices, aren't they?".
  • Roostre: "How come we can talk right suddenly?".
  • Liquor: "They must be out of gas. Let me see that hook."
  • Roostre: "Man, I sure have missed that Hand."
  • Liquor: "You got a hacksaw or something. A biv knife."
  • Roostre: "Some bitch took it off in the middle of the night, right after I built this sucker."
  • Liquor: "I'll just have to use drunken karate."
  • Liquor: "Hey, what's that over there?".
  • Roostre: "What?"
  • Liquor: "Who yah!"
  • Roostre: "Holy crap!"
  • Liquor: "All done. Look at that. It works."
  • Roostre: "Oh, yeah. That's right. That's what I'm talking about now, boy."
  • Liquor: "Now get her going. We're running out of no time."
  • Roostre: "Wake up now, boy. It be a-killin' time."
  • Liquor: "Wait."
  • Roostre: "What?".
  • Liquor: "Ooh. Never mind."