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Portal to the Doorway
Season 3, Episode 10
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Air date July 31, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Portal to the Doorway is the 30th episode of 12 Oz. Mouse overall. It is the tenth episode of the third season, and aired on July 31st, 2020.


As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Roostre escapes the clutches of Industry Man realizing that death is an illusion, sinks through the ground and returns to the desert world. Fitz and the others, as they realize they're all working against Industry Man at the behest of Sirus. Elize and Olof perform their song "Portal to the Doorway" then summon a thunderstorm, which teleports their allies across multiple worlds.


Main Characters:[]

Minor Characters:[]



  • Golden Joe is absent at the beginning of the episode, not appearing on the Stonehenge.
  • Fitz's telephone, Aria's binoculars, the Eye's pliers, and jetpack from the last episode reappear at the beginning. The Eye uses the latter object.
  • The engine of the Castellica has a gray chicken leg connected to a wheel with wires, and red circles on it.
    • The same engine is replaced by a regular chicken leg, and the circles turn green.
  • One of the back tires of the Castellica was over 40 dollars, every tire is then blown due to Elize's request.
    • Elize then sings the line; "Salvation is ours!"
  • Elize mentions Industry Man is Clock, as this is still confirmed, but also his clock form doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Olof calls both Fitz and Golden Joe "green guy", and can't tell which one apart. Despite, Golden Joe being the short one, while Fitz is the tall one. He also calls Joe tiny, as much of Golden Joe's dismay.
  • Golden Joe mentions that Olof's mama is so short, when she want to fly first class show up at the post office, they stick her short ass in an envelope and stamp her own ass goodbye.
  • The Eye is shown to dressed up as a knight and killed over four different colored dragons with his sword.
    • Fittingly, the four dragons were part of The Castellica.
    • When he kills the four dragon with his sword, he says "Eye live in med-eye-vil times", which is a pun on medieval times.
  • Mouse, Aria, Olaf. Elize and Joe are all shown to have their own laughing animations that are used with real people heard laughing after the Eye says a "whoo-wee" as a knight.
    • After this, the black screen closes on a circle of the Eye knight.
  • When Industry Man asks why his own office is on fire, he asks if the fire gets any hotter, everyone is gonna have to stop, drop, and roll."
  • Industry Man claims not a enough people by his count are trapped in the box, when Roostre asks him about how many people are trapped in the box, since Roostre thought it "sucks." Then, he mutters a "ka-banga!" and five points for himself, and tells him to make it ten.
  • When the Industry Man tells Roostre where he got the box of worlds, he reveals that he stole it and lost it, this indicates he actually didn't create the box of worlds. He then yells a "yowza!", resulting him speaking he "stole lost, lost stole, dance around the maypole."
  • According to Wilx, he claims the box is the "most perfect piece of innovative science ever developed, like, anywhere across the globe in any science, anywhere."
    • He then claims it like, "unimaginably, ridiculously cool."
  • Wilx's stake is fame, money, coolness, and more money. He then claims that he has so many things to buy with that money, such as shirt.
    • Coincidentally, this shirt he talks about appears in the next episode "Final Beginning", and is wearing it.
    • Wilx also states he became numb to the emotion of caring, as his top brain desires have taken over, and now focusing on success and all of the money. He then plays and dances to his funk music.
  • When asks why his friends are still left in simulation, Roostre mentions Peanut, which he seems unaware that the said cop is dead from the last episode.
    • He also obviously mentions Mouse, Skillet, and then refers the Eye as "eyeball", which the latter is odd because Roostre has never met Eye before in the first two seasons prior to this episode.
    • He most likely knew about him at some point, and he did mention "eye syeball" in the episode "Spharktasm."
    • Roostre doesn't even mention Golden Joe's name, which is odd.
    • Roostre also calls them "homies" when asking Wilx that he is gonna let them stay in there.
  • When Roostre tells that he is going to end this "sh*t storm" because of his friends trapped in the simulated worlds, the Industry Man mentions his profanity as a potty mouth, and asks censors to bleep, and a 7-second delay to go. The screen then rewinds Roostre's speech and reverses, then the next scene is back to normal, but the line that says "sh*t" is censored with a bleep instead. The man then thanks the censors to bleep out the word, and claims "we've just used up one of our "sh*ts", which was heard uncensored, which he mentions to bleep himself, which happens in the same manner.
    • Like the bleep on Roostre, the word is then obviously censored by an another bleep.
  • As before Roostre escapes via window of Shyd Industries, Industry Man claims that he is not very cooperative, as much of Roostre's dismay. He then scratches the window to make a circle for a few times then breaks the glass circle to escape, and falls. Professor Wilx also falls but Roostre managed to escape via illusion, while the latter just falls on the ground.
  • The same laughing audience is used in the background, and groans, but applauses when Industry Man states he is so stupid, and to know if they're loving it.
  • When Industry Man sees Sirus in his office, he claims that he is gross, and doesn't understand his whole "physiogomy", which is a word that he doesn't know.
  • Industry Man mentions if there is a English teacher in the audience or a linguist of some sort. Sirus claims that he is losing all of his people.
  • Sirus claims that he could hide the box, and sell the technology, which he asks, but claims he has every idea of all ideas, and filled with the brim of them.
  • Sirus claims that it is Genesis in a maniacal form, creating its own worlds. Industry Man only responds laughing with "ho ho ho's" and "ha ha ha's."
    • Industry Man then claims that he governs all.
  • Inside the Box of Worlds, there different earth like worlds like one is based off Saturn with pepperoni pizza replacing the planet's ring, a another one is a rainbow ring around a earth like planet, and one with a rainbow square around it.
  • The Man-Woman has own her front-face shown.
  • Each of the five Earth like planets represent the simulation worlds that have Lotharganin, a futuristic city, the Man-Woman's House, the Desert and The Cardboard City.
  • The "Portal To The Doorway" part represent portals teleporting through the multiple worlds in the simulation.
  • The Small Dancing Man from "First 12" reappears in this episode.