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Pineapples are minor characters/antagonists in 12 Oz. Mouse. They are pineapples that have the ability to talk, due to having mouths and speak in English.

They are shown be guards and are watching over two prisoners, which are; Peanut Cop and Golden Joe in a jail cell, as their seen in the first four episodes of the third season, as it located in a jail located in the middle of the ocean, which could possibly be located in the oceans of Lotharganin. Two of them do eventually get killed by a explosive drink, which both explode. Despite this, more pineapples are seen as one was shot by Peanut earlier in the first episode and four other pineapples are seen falling from a glass window when Peanut and the Golden Joe escape the prison via jet-skis by breaking the glass and into the waters of the ocean. The pineapples aren't seen again for the rest of the season.



  • These Pineapples may have arrested both Golden Joe and Peanut Cop offscreen, this is unknown for the latter.
  • Its currently unknown if these Pineapples work for Shyd Industries or not.