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The Pinball Machine is a different type of Pinball Machine, it appears only in "Prolegomenon", it appears out of nowhere left intact which is not damaged in the Diner which is actually destroyed, it is colored White, there is orange to Yellow square lines on it, black curly lines are behind it which are wires, it glows red light, Fitz approaches the Diner and enters after avoiding the flying Bowtie Bots, he walks up to it and inserts a coin in the machine and the pinball machine's bumpers are covered in cryptic red symbols, he plays Pinball in the machine, the ball is rolled over the machine bumpers making some strange noise, as he is playing it, a pink cloud with orbiting musical notes descends from the sky outside and flashes brightly, causing the wrecked diner and the City to return to pristine condition. The pink cloud says that her name is Archeus, after which Fitz tells her he can't read the symbols on the

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pinball machine. Archeus tells him he'd be able to read them if he gives up the fight for "everything." Fitz says that she doesn't make sense, and Archeus responds "No one understands this." She tells him that his wife and child are alive, but they need his help and warns, "Don't believe what you haven't been shown." She tells him that "the square guy can afford technology to away the mind." Archeus insists that Fitz look to her, but Fitz tells her to leave. She says "Skillet needs you--" Then a tiny ball containing Skillet's image rises out of the pinball machine and floats in the air, Later the Pinball Machine disappears and is never seen again and Fitz faints on the

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Prolegomenon" (Only Appearance)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's Unknown if this Machine is properly of the Diner, owned by the Man-Woman who owns the Diner and it's Possible that Archeus came out of the machine.
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