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Pinball Machine Exterior.jpg

The Pinball Machine is a pinball themed machine that appears only in the episode "Prolegomenon".


The Pinball Machine appears in the Diner, when it was destroyed, after when it blew up by Shark, and the city was destroyed by his bow-tie bots and Hovervacs. While the pinball machine's origin is unknown, it was used to presumably summon Archeus, who restores the destroyed city after Fitz inserts coin into the machine, and plays pinball to win a free ball (with Skillet on it, when Skillet died in "Farewell"). The pinball machine grows red light, the pinball is colored purple, and its bumpers are covered in cryptic red symbols. Archeus talks to Fitz when playing this pinball machine. The machine disappears later on in the episode, and is never seen again.



  • Its unknown if this machine is properly of the diner.