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The pepperoni wave is a wave of pepperonis from all the pepperoni pizzas in Mouse's Real Home, It Appears in the 12 Oz. Mouse Special, "Invictus", Fitz's Therapist, Shark who is dressed as a woman, has been sending him large amounts of pizza, with the pepperoni that later crawls out of the pizza boxes on the wall to make the Pepperoni Wave in Fitz's attic, Later the in the attic, the Pepperoni wave is growing larger as it is sending out signals, it keeps warbling, it makes Eventually, Shark pops out of Fitz's computer and slowly comes in for a bite, Fortunately, Buzby enters the house and blows up Mouse's computer, Buzby has one of the pepperoni's, he says "Shark's Pepperoni Waves exchange", he claims it's powerful while as no idea and says "Shark wants to tap into your mind to your path to freedom for his freedom", "Shark comes in the now he will overtake what you know as Earth", Fitz responds to "Well if it is True but we don't know how to back there", Bubzy claims that he got's a map somewhere, a button, switch or a key, however, Fitz mentions "What About Clock", but Buzby pulls Fitz up to the side to mention the Clock, however, The Pepperoni alarms have gone off causes a signal Shark noticed on the monitor and presses a button to say goodnight to Mouse and his Bee Buddy, "Shitty Dreams" causes an explosion sending Buzby and Mouse through space and time to Q109 removing his mustache.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

"Invictus" (Only Appearance)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's Unknown how the pepperoni was able to move by itself, possibly Shark or the Rectangular Businessman using psychic powers to control it.
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