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The Pepperoni Wave, known by Buzby as Shark's pepperoni wave exchange, are a wave of peperoni from all of the pepperoni pizzas Fitz got from his Shink/therapist in "Invictus." All of the pepperoni are shown crawling out of the pizza boxes onto the wall to make the pepperoni wave in Fitz's attic.

Sometime later, in the attic, the pepperoni wave grew bigger and larger as it is sending out signals, and it keeps warbling. Eventually, Shark pops out of Fitz's laptop and slowly comes in for a bite. Soon, Buzby appears and blows up Mouse's laptop. Buzby takes Fitz to his home and has a piece of one of Shark's pepperonis before Fitz answers Clock's name and are both sent to Q109.

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  • It's unknown if all of these pepperonis are sentient or not, as they're shown making noises and moving on their own.
  • Buzby claimed that he got through Q109 from Shark's pepperoni wave, also claiming that it is powerful.