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The pepperoni wave (also known as Shark's pepperoni wave exchange) is a wave of pepperonis from all the pepperoni pizzas in Mouse's Real Home.

It appears in "Invictus", as Fitz's therapist, and Shark who is dressed as a woman, has been sending him large amounts of pizza, with the pepperoni that later crawls out of the pizza boxes on the wall to make the pepperoni wave in Fitz's attic.

Later on, the in the attic, the pepperoni wave is growing larger as it is sending out signals, and it keeps warbling.

Eventually, Shark pops out of Fitz's computer and slowly comes in for a bite. Soon, Buzby enters the house and blows up Mouse's computer, obviously Shark wants to exchange his path of freedom with his own freedom, as he wants to escape to the real world.



  • Its unknown how the pepperoni was able to move by itself, possibly Shark or the Rectangular Businessman using their powers to control it.