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Peanut Cop's Jail is a prison/jailhouse owned by Peanut Cop who is the town's only cop. Located elsewhere in the city, the building says the words "Jale" instead of saying "Jail". It also has a "no parking" sign next it. Skillet is the only criminal seen in this prison, not counting Mouse Fitzgerald's and Golden Joe's visit, which the latter teleports into a jailcell. It appears in the show's intro, and its only physical appearance is in the episode "Signals". Though the jail is seen in a flashback of the second episode in the episode "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme".


The building is white, square-shaped, it has squared lines on top of the building. The building says the words "Jale", an arrow is an above it, as it is pointing at the door with a doorknob, and there is a "no parking" sign next to the jail.


The first part of the interior is quite white and empty has a blue window, a golden circle saying "policeman" on it on the wall, and a gray table with a phone. The cell room of the interior is quite colorful, with the walls near the prison cells being purple, and the prison bars being gray. Inside the jail cell is still colored plain white with small blacks lines drawn as bars.


Fitz and Golden Joe go the Jailhouse to bust Skillet out of jail. As they enter the building, the Peanut Cop is seen smoking a cigarette, then coughing and then starts laughing with them, Fitz hands a bomb to and tells him to hold it for him. Golden Joe and Fitz proceed to the jail cells and they eventually find Skillet. Joe swaps places with Skillet and the duo run out of the jail, As Golden Joe, teleports and The bomb that Peanut Cop holds explodes, which most likely causes the jail to be demolished. Though, that is not shown on-screen aside from an explosion.



  • There is no police car located at the Jail, and it is one of the few locations not seen on Shark's Monitor Room in "Spharktasm". This heavy implies that the jail was never rebuilt.
  • The words "eat dook" is drawn on the side of the jail cell.