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Peanut Cop's Firetruck.jpg

As its name indicates, the truck is a firetruck owned by Peanut, who took profession of a firefighter. It appears at the end of the episode "Auraphull", and was last seen in "Meat Warrior." Though it was sung by three Human Citizens in "Meaty Dreamy", singing "where does the firetruck go?" Peanut Cop drives it as a firefighter, after previously stealing a firefighter helmet, and blowing up a hat store, then drives his firetruck.

The firetruck doesn't have any wheels, but instead it has its own skis, a bell, a radio, an axe, and a couple of objects on it such as a raccoon tail and a rocket engine are on the firetruck.

In "Meat Warrior", Peanut picks up Liquor, and drunk drives around town with the vehicle hitting objects on the streets such as trash cans, a yellow cat and a baby carriage. The firetruck also hits the Hand and Peanut accidently kills a construction worker fixing a utility pole, which was zapped to death by electrical wires after Peanut fires a shot at those wires. After drunk drinking in the firetruck for a while, Peanut decides to head to Liquor's Store and then Liquor takes position of the firetruck and drives away, until reaching a large skyscraper to reach Fitz and co. After that, the firetruck was parked in front of the skyscraper and never seen again, aside from Peanut driving the firetruck at the end of the episode.