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Peanut Cop, also referred to as "Peanut" (and simply "The Cop" in episode summaries or alternately "Peanut Fireman" due to him becoming a fireman) is a blue peanut-shaped policeman that is a cop that works in at a Jail located in the city, but he often fails to do his job, since he is constantly drunk or stoned, as he smokes the latter with tobacco. His state of mind prevents him from reacting appropriately to crimes that occur right in front of him. He mostly hang-outs with his friend Golden Joe. Sometimes, he begins to laugh uncontrollably, and anyone around him begins to laugh as well, According to the Rectangular Businessman he is "the highest marksman in the class," and "could probably hit a mite from 1000 yards in high wind". Despite this claim, Peanut Cop is usually unable to hit anything unless he is within a few inches of his intended target.

In the second season, he changes his profession to a firefighter after stealing a firefighter helmet, blowing up the hat store, and stealing a jet-powered fire truck with skis, He is later captured by the Shadowy Figure, but the tranquilizer darts do not knock him unconscious (he likes them because they only get him even more stoned). In episode 18 "Pre-Reckoning", after apparently suffering some sort of fit or seizure, he says in an uncharacteristically serious voice "No one controls me." He joins Fitz in fighting the Tie Bots. He later reveals that he knows the purpose of Tie Bots and the Hovervacs and where the asprind is located. His profession switches back to that of a policeman in the final episode, in which he reacquires his police hat.

Like Shark and Rectangular Businessman, Peanut Cop has a human-looking persona, revealed in episode 20. In this incarnation he is a blue-colored man, and his glasses display the same star-shaped insignia seen on his original police hat. He disappears in the webisode, though, he later returns alive in the special. A human form of the said cop appears as a separate character to him.

In Season 3, he and Golden Joe escape a jail cell from some Pineapples and they were trapped in and eventually reunited with Fitz and co., though he does eventually died from a bomb after stopping a nuclear meltdown and is liquidified as his remains are put into a beaker.


Peanut Cop is blue peanut-shaped Policeman, has a black dot eye, eyebrow, a mouth, two stick-figure arms, he wears a blue policeman hat with a yellow star on it. When he wears his red firemen hat, a with white top and a yellow star on it. In "Enter The Sandmouse" and "Invictus", he wears a brown cowboy hat with a yellow star on it. Along with Joe, his privates are shown in "Bowtime", but are blurred onscreen.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Peanut mostly allies with Golden Joe and many other protagonists in the show, with friendship with Golden Joe they usually drink beer, hang-out and they teamed up to escape the jail cell they were locked in. Peanut does some to Fitz during several points like revealing the purpose of the Hovervacs and Tie-bots, although he almost to arrest Fitz in the pilot for robbing a bank but was distracted.


Like most of the protagonists, Peanut does dislike the trio of Shark, the Rectangular Businessman and Clock, though all of this is rarely shown. The only other enemies of the stoned cop are the Annoying woman in a green sweater, the Tie-bots, Hovervacs and Pineapples.

Episode appearances[]


  • In a few of his appearances, a police car noise is heard but not seen, as he is not even seen driving a police car and there is no police car located at his jail in the episode "Signals".
  • He doesn't seem to act like a real cop. For example, being drunk and stoned and get away with a crime and unlike real cops that eat donuts, the Peanut Cop goes after beer to get drunk and smokes tobacco.
    • Oddly, Peanut is never seen drinking bottles of alcohol or beer in the series.
  • He may be the only police officer/cop seen and working at his Jail in the City.

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