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Original pilot (unknown title)
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Air date Unreleased (lost)
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There was a very early lost original pilot, without a confirmed title, produced for 12 oz. Mouse, most likely in 2004 prior to the production of "Hired". Virtually nothing is known about this early pilot, even by most cast and/or crew members. This pilot episode has never been aired or released publicly in any format. It is discussed by 12 oz. Mouse editor John Brestan in a 2021 interview with Corndog Central, where he confirms it was never properly saved anywhere and is now piece of completely lost media.



  • This early pilot was never aired or publicly released in any format.
  • Editor John Brestan has stated that this pilot can not be retrieved, because it was never properly saved, making it completely lost.
  • Brestan greatly laments the fact that he never saved this pilot properly.
  • In this pilot Golden Joe was voiced by Keith Crofford, who was the Senior Vice President of Adult Swim at the time.
  • In this pilot Golden Joe, as opposed to Shark, was Fitz's boss.
  • Specific plot details and other character appearances have never been confirmed.
  • It was only know about by very few cast and crew members, namely Matt Maiellaro, Keith Crofford and Brestan.