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Olof Mörck is an animated version of the real Olof Mörck who appears in the third season of 12 Oz. Mouse. He and Elize Ryd are members of the Swedish heavy metal band Amaranthe who live on the Castellica. They we're also called by the Green-Sweatered Woman to take down Shyd Industries with the help of Aria, Fitz and co.


Alliances & Friendships[]

Elize and Olof are shown to have a rivalry as they'll often complain to each other. Olof claimed that hates Elize's alarm and considers it to be the worst song known to all of man. Elize and Olof are shown to problems with driving the Castellica's sterling wheel since Elize only drives when she drinks, and also doesn't even know how to drive or even know what the word "drive" means despite Olof telling her how she learned how to drive. Elize doesn't even let him drive the Castellica's sterling wheel. Olof also had to correct Elize on the Castellica's brakes which she claims are a "little thingy that makes us slow down." Elize would also claim that she would've take Olof's own face off and would've remove it from his own skull.

Although despite their conflict with each other, Olof did apologize for his attitude once in their debut episode, also mentioning that Elize was "right." They also performed "Portal to the Doorway" together in the episode with the same name. In "Final Beginning", Olof and Elize left Fitz and co., when they're about to take out the Industry Man, to find a bar due to their complaining because of Elize's driving problems as Olof claims that she is drives like a drunk-driver drinking.

He couldn't even tell Mouse Fitzgerald and Golden Joe apart, calling both a "green guy" also mentioning that Fitz is "tall" and Joe is "tiny."


Olof would personally dislike anyone, such as the Green-Sweatered Woman, that would mispronounce his own name.


  • Olof's animation is based off the animation from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, an another Adult Swim show that was co-created by the series' creator Matt Maiellaro.
  • Olof and Elize have their own albums such as their second one which is also a demo from an orange radio, although Olof does kick it away.