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Music Void is a shop in the city elsewhere that sells many instruments, ranging from Guitars, Ukuleles to Drums, and a Amplifier located inside the store.

The shop's owner or workers are never seen, though it could just be a normal citizen running the store offscreen, and the building has its own alert system, due to the alerts being heard if anyone broke into the store. This building first appeared in the episode "Spider." Mouse and Skillet crash and break into this building in its debut episode, along with Peanut Cop and Producer Man visiting this store. In "Meaty Dreamy", the Amplifier has tubes with the voices of Fitz and his wife that can be heard inside it. In "Eighteen", this building ended up being destroyed after exploding by Shark pressing a button in this monitor room.


The outside of the building is a shaped like a block on a sidewalk and has a large door and has a drum set on the picture and banjo, guitars and a saxophone on the other pictures, and there are windows with black curly lines along with giant blue and green ball saying "Music Void" resembling planet Earth, and the letters flash purple and black. A sign saying "GETTSTARS", a misspelling of the word "guitars".


The interior of the building has a white background with drawings and depictions of guitars and banjos which are crudely drawn, an orangish-colored floor, a red circle like stump with a blue drum set on it, and a small white radio next to a large black Amplifier with horns, yellow buttons and a big red button on it.

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  • In one of the show's promos, Fitz is playing his red guitar with a very loud sound in the store, however, the music void is colored differently, the background and exterior is colored white, the ball on the top says the words "Music Planet", instead of its original name, the ball resembles planet Earth more than its original name, though the interior is still the same.


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